st. louis

brad and i have spent a lot of time in st. louis thanks to my 4 years there as an undergrad, and then 2.5 years of visiting 2-3 times a month while brad was in chiropractic school there. because of this, i can recommend some great sites to see if you ever visit.


  • botanical garden
  • city museum
  • science center
  • soulard farmers market
  • the arch
  • anheuser-busch brewery tour
  • grant’s farm
  • st. louis zoo
  • forest park
  • st. louis art museum

and some of our favorite restaurants there include:

6 Responses to st. louis

  1. Ahh! I LOVED St Louis! We went there for our first wedding anniversary and it was SO great! Especially because so much is free there! We had such a great time. We definitely plan to go back and visit again at some point!

  2. Kristen says:

    Cyrano’s is one of my favorites! You MUST get the Cleopatra when you go! I think French Gourmet Bakery just reopened with a new name, like Oak Barrell or something. But, all the bridal showers for my friends and me have included pastries from them!

    • Sarah says:

      i’ve only been to cyrano’s once – i LOVE their bread pudding! but i’ll try the cleopatra next time brad and i go. 🙂

      and yep – the bakery did re-open with a new name. oak barrel sounds right. i love their pastries!

  3. You went to school in St. Louis/visit it often?!

    I live in St. Louis! All of places would definitely be on my must do list for sure…have you ever checked out Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood? They have amazing local food and great brews 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      oooh, i haven’t tried schlafly’s! i’ve had their beer of course, but never been to the bottleworks. my fiance’s roommate just went there 2 weekends ago and highly recommended it! we’ll definitely try it out soon. thanks for the recommendation!

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