one of my goals for 2011 is to cook and create new recipes. if i add an original recipe, i’ll link to it on this page.


horseradish hummus

creamy buffalo chicken crisps

avocado massaged kale salad

sun dried tomato and farro mess


garlic scape pesto

roasted garlic and parmesan spaghetti squash


veggie omelette

meat dinners:

grandma elaine’s sloppy joes

cheese explosion turkey burgers

“fried” rice (can easily be made meatless)

mixed bean soup (can easily be made meatless)

meatless dinners:

mac & cheese with roasted veggies

portobello mushroom enchiladas

snow day vegetable soup

helpful how-to’s:

how to make a kombucha scoby

how to brew your own kombucha

2 Responses to recipes

  1. Sue Rucker says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Hope you are enjoying your new camera!
    Looking for your dog treat recipes! Capone and Jake looked like they were loving them! Baffin and Dell want to try them!
    Thanks, Sue

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