i don’t intend to ONLY share madison restaurants on this page, but my husband and i love food. and we love trying new restaurants together. so, we came up with this list of places that we plan to try in madison. as we check off restaurants from the list, i’ll post a recap of our experiences and link to them here.

here’s the list in no particular order:

  • med cafe on state street (i’ve been there and loved it. brad’s never been)
  • l’etoile (this is a super fancy/expensive one, so it will be saved for a special occasion)
  • harvest
  • greenbush (a mostly unknown bar with AMAZING pizza – or so i’ve heard)
  • dardanelles (greek food)
  • swagat (indian)
  • ha long bay (thai food)
  • sa-bai thong (thai food)
  • graze (thank to amy for this suggestion!)
  • eno vino (thanks to kelly for this suggestion!)
  • osteria papavero (thanks for the recommendation, julie!)

restaurants that we’ve checked off our list:

does anyone have other suggestions for places to eat in madison?

19 Responses to madison

  1. Great suggestions! I really like Graze, which is the less-fancy sister restaurant of L’Etoile. I also like La Brioche (on University Ave) for brunch – really great omelets, and you can find lots of healthy options (as well as not-so-healthy but delicious options). I had dinner there a few nights ago and it was also quite good. I will see if I can think of some others! 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      that’s so funny that you suggested la brioche! brad and i decided to go out for brunch and we were trying to think of breakfast places that we’ve wanted to try, and i remembered that his cousin recommended la brioche to us a while ago, so we just went! it was AH-MAZING! 🙂 thanks for the other suggestion, too! i can’t wait to try more of these restaurants.

  2. Kelly says:

    Eno Vino! We went there for the first time last fall. It is SO good. Pricey, but worth it.

  3. You need to add Greenbush bakery to the list. It’s next to Rocky’s on Regent St. Best donuts ever!!

  4. You have to go to Bluephies! It was always one of our favorites. They have some really creative dishes, and if nothing else, you need to go for dessert and get the chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls. We love them so much, we had them instead of cake at our wedding!

  5. Rosa says:

    You should try Buraka on State St: It is ethiopian food. Their dishes are also vegetarian. Very good.
    My hubby and I go to the Brasserie V for lunch often. They are very good.
    I like your list. There are many great places to eat in Madison, which is often times not great if you are trying to keep on budget or on plan. : )

  6. cm says:

    Cute blog! Marigold Kitchen has great breakfast and I love the Old Fashioned for drinks and Friday night fish.

    • Sarah says:

      thanks, cm! 🙂 i’ve had lunch & dinner at marigold before, but i’ve never made it for breakfast. and i’ve never actually eaten at the old fashioned – just had drinks! 😉 thanks for the suggestions.

  7. omgomgomg are you serious right now?! I live in madison too!!!!!!!!! ahh that’s so awesome!

  8. I think the Dardanelle’s went out of business 😦

    I’ll grab pizza at the Greenbush with you!! Blogger meet-up!!

  9. Sarah Seljan says:

    Merchant!! My very soon to be hubby and I had our first date there and it truly holds a special place in my heartl. So much so, that we are having our reception there. I read your blog every single day and love it! From one Sarah to another: Try this place! 🙂

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