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  1. Carla Von Haden says:

    THANKS to you Sarah for speaking at our District Garden Club meeting. It was great to see you and hear your presentation. I’m so proud of you and all you’re doing!! The people at the meeting really enjoyed your talk too. I heard from a couple of them last night, and they were so happy with how the day turned out, and thought you did a great job!! One of them told me that she saw a few people with tears in their eyes when a motion was made to give you a small “scholarship”.
    Thanks too for your comments about me. I do miss those days of being a guidance counselor and interacting with students and helping with school activities, possibly making a difference in some people’s lives. Since retirement I’ve just had to find other places to use my interests and abilities.
    I made rolled oats for breakfast but since I couldn’t find many of the other things that you put in, I had to change it up a little — my oats had a little cooked apple and hickory nuts — and for just a little sweetening, I added honey. The husband of one of the women in our group had a stroke about 2 months ago, and they were told to change their diet because his cholesterol was too high — one of the changes they made is to have oatmeal every morning. They checked his cholesterol again recently and it had dropped significantly!!
    (Just one tiny correction on today’s blog — the gift basket was from our Club, not the district — we’re the Hill and Dale Garden Club.) We enjoyed putting it together for you. The ladies were pretty funny that morning — everyone wanted things to look so good and they got there earlier than I told them — but they reached a point where they were going so many directions that when I came in the door, someone said “we need to know how to do things and what tables are for what”. They’re a group that is wiling to let me be in charge at times — and I make sure to delegate lots of jobs!!
    If you’re curious about that half marathon that I mentioned, you can go to the elroy lions website (it’s and then go down the page to Apple Dumpling Run website — when you get to that page, you can look at you tube videos of the start of the race — there’s also a video of the little kids’ Applesauce Run — if you find it, it’s so fun to watch!!)
    I did a little work on that newsletter last night — but felt more like napping!! I had been worried about yesterday so I guess that had tired me out. Lots more to do today!! Weather report sounds like there’s chance of rain for today and tomorrow, so that will be a good reason to be inside working on that newsletter.
    Take care. V-8 (I have a feeling that name might be used a little more often after we talked about it yesterday)

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