seven things sunday, part xi

how is this my 11th seven things sunday already?!? wow. i feel like i just started doing them…

i have way more than seven things i wanted to tell you about today, so this is going to be a challenge to pick out the best ones.

1. i got fun surprises in the mail from two lovely ladies this week! kelly sent me a christmas card (with an adorable picture of her pug, olive, on it – i melted!) and three teas that were all new to me! then, the next day, i got this little packages from my friend katie!


she sent me a very sweet card, a coffee cup cozy, and three more new-to-me teas (katie, your teas are being sent out tomorrow!).

2. it finally snowed!!


we did get a teaser of snow in november (or was it then end of october?), but it’s been feeling very un-christmas-like here without snow. now it feels like christmas is really a week away!

3. i was sent a free sample of these baked lentil chips a couple weeks ago and finally tried them this week.


i was really excited about them because they’re so different – baked lentil chips?!? sounds cool!

i thought they were pretty good. they weren’t greasy like a lot of other chips, which i appreciated, but the cracked pepper flavor was spicier than i was expecting. there are a couple other flavors that i’ll definitely keep my eyes open for. i’d love to try more.

4. look at this dog.


he is so spoiled!

i had to laugh at how perfectly he laid his head on the pillow. he was very comfortable too – he didn’t move from the couch all night!

5. speaking of being spoiled…. my husband is wonderful and let me use the rest of our crate & barrel gift cards that we got for our wedding on whatever i wanted!


i ended up going a little bit over the gift card balance so that we could get free shipping – but it was so worth it! look at what we all got!


lots of adorable mini dishes, a festive joy mug, some placemats, some spoons, a grapefruit spoon, which i have been wanting for a while… all kinds of goodies!

6. my sister is arriving in wisconsin today!

i won’t see her until friday morning when brad and i go back to manitowoc for christmas, though.

SAP_4734 (2)

i haven’t seen her since our wedding weekend in august. she moved back to california two days after our wedding.

i can’t wait to give her a squeeze and then ask her to teach me everything she’s learning in culinary school!!!

7. i tried out a new kitchen gadget this week.

i’ve been wishing for a frother for a while now, and when i was at bed, bath, & beyond doing some christmas shopping, i found one for super cheap so i snatched it up!


i frothed some almond milk to make a latte yesterday morning and it worked perfectly! just like starbucks….almost.


i hope you all have a great sunday! our plans today involve watching the packers play and relaxing! i’ve got a couple recipes to write up for next week, and then we need to finish wrapping our christmas presents.

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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  1. love all the new dishes!! and yay snow!

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