let me tell you a story…

on monday night, i came home from work with a terrible stomach ache. i talked to brad  on my way home so when i got in, he asked me if i was going to go take a nap since i wasn’t feeling well. it sounded like a great idea, so i laid down and asked him to wake me up after an hour or hour and a half.

well, he did as i asked and woke me up. my stomach felt better, but i was feeling cranky and didn’t want to get out of bed.

i was being a total punk and was just not having any of his attempts to get me out of bed.

finally, i got up, and he asked me to go get capone’s extra dog food from our guest room and help him refill his food bin because it was empty.

well of course, i was still cranky and half sleepy, so i gave him a stanky eye and groaned while complaining that it’s a 44lb bag of food and maybe he should get it. but i headed to the guest room to get the dog food anyway.

then i dragged the bag out and stared in half-asleep shock at what was behind it…

our wedding photos, which i already told you about

and a new camera!!!

isn’t she pretty?!?

he knew i’ve been wanting a dslr for a while now (i drag him over to them and drool over them every time we’re in a store!), and decided to surprise me with one as a christmas+birthday present (my birthday is in january).

seriously, best present ever! Smile

and of course, i felt like a complete b**** for being such a punk to him before i saw the present! oops…

it’s a nikon d3100 and he got it on a crazy sale in a bundle at costco, so it came with a camera bag, all kinds of instructional dvd’s, and an extra lense (55-200mm)!

i’ve been taking tons of photos with it & learning how to use all of the settings. seriously, the past 5 days have been like a crash course in manual focusing, aperture, iso, and shutter speed! and i love it!

there’s just one problem… apparently nikon has stopped including a usb cable with the camera to transfer photos from the camera to a computer. (which is ridiculous & that is what the majority of the negative reviews for this camera say as well). we tried to find one at several stores without any luck, so we had to order one and it won’t be here until next week. Sad smile

in the meantime, i’ll be learning all about this camera and improving my photos, so that once i can finally use these pictures on the blog, hopefully they won’t be disasters…


also, writing about my new camera reminded me that i wanted to update you on one of my 101 in 1001 items!

i wanted to learn the non-automatic features of my point & shoot. well, i’m going to go ahead and check that off my list! i have stopped shooting in auto mode entirely for the past 4-5 months and have been working to improve my photos by using the manual settings. i think i’ve gotten better!

so #54 is done!


i hope you all have a fabulous saturday!

i’m going to go read as many of ashley’s photography posts as i can and practice some pictures!


any photography tips for a beginner like me??

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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14 Responses to let me tell you a story…

  1. Jim Burnett says:

    Wait, were you meant to see the camera? I think he was hiding it for a reason! LOL

  2. Katie says:

    AH SO SO SO exciting!!!!!

  3. Melissa Jacquart says:

    Here are some of my favorite sites that have great tips for …. Food Photography!

  4. I’m sooooo jealous! We were going to buy a DSLR for Christmas/our birthdays, but with my darn hospital bill, we decided a $600 camera can wait! Luckily, my SIL has TWO, and is letting us borrow her old one! I’m also trying to learn thru Ashley’s posts! And I would’ve acted the exact same way! Ha!

    • sarah says:

      wow, lucky to your sister in law for having two!! and that’s so nice that she’s letting you borrow them!

      i told brad that i have to get good at this camera before we have kids so i can take fabulous photos of them! 😉

  5. Mellissa says:

    Yeah for new cameras! Check the continuing ed at Madison for camera classes and photography classes. Very affordable and you learn a ton!

  6. That’s the same camera I use!!! You’ll love it!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    Way cool! No tips from me- I’m still no good at using my point and shoot.

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