on the other side of the fence

hey everyone! how’s the day going so far?

i am so happy it’s thursday – i have a lot to do today and tomorrow, but i’m excited for this weekend!

another thing i’m excited about….

our wedding photos arrived on monday!

our photographer posted a sneak peek on her blog about a week and a half ago, and now we’ve got a cd with all of the pictures!

i’ve looked through them countless times already and i thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites.

it was so hard to narrow it down – i love them all!




we decided to see each other before the wedding by doing a “first look”. i stood on one side of the fence and brad came up on the other side and then we got to see each other. ❤

Wedding - blog size

i love this sequence of photos – i was so so so excited to see him!!




first kiss!


our wedding party was awesome. and so much fun!






love this one of my gorgeous flowers!



Wedding - blog size-1


Wedding - blog size1



i could look at these pictures all day.

and i wish i could live that day over and over again! it was so wonderful to marry the man of my dreams surrounded by so many of our friends and family! it was a perfect day.

now i just have to pick which ones i’m going to print….it’s going to be so difficult!

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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10 Responses to on the other side of the fence

  1. Katie says:

    Lobe, love, love, love, LOVE!!!!! Can’t wait to see them all!!!

  2. love love love them 🙂 especially the close up of you two smiling. and i can’t get over how much i love the school bus pics!

    • sarah says:

      thanks! we love the bus pics too! i didn’t realize that by being cheap with our transportation for that day i’d end up with cool photos out of it too. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous and so happy!!!

  4. Mellissa says:

    They turned out so well! I love the ones down by the lake.

  5. Emily Lazar says:

    Holy moly! These pics are gorgeous!!! Congratulations, again, on your marriage to a wonderful man! Didn’t you mention a while back that you did your own flowers? They are so beautiful! And most of all, so are YOU! I love the happiness that wedding photos contains. Thanks for sharing!

    • sarah says:

      thanks, emily! 🙂

      we were planning on doing our own flowers (my mom was going to do them), but we weren’t able to get the timing right to get the calla lilies to bloom at the right time, so we ended up going with a florist who did an AWESOME job!

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