the one with the random meals

i ate the most random food yesterday.

and i photographed it all for you!

i think my deal is that i haven’t gone grocery shopping since before thanksgiving and we still have a ton of leftovers in the fridge, so i think that if i go grocery shopping and get all this other food, something will go to waste.

anyway, at least yesterday’s food makes for an interesting what i ate wednesday!

first up, my breakfast beverages.

the usual players: coffee, water, kombucha.

breakfast was out of the ordinary for a weekday breakfast eaten at my desk!

i had a toasted english muffin with 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese and trader joe’s smoked salmon pieces and my vitamins on the side.

i was feeling lazy and running late monday morning, so i grabbed a whole package of cream cheese, the whole thing of salmon, and an english muffin and decided to assemble breakfast at work. and then i did the same thing yesterday!

this breakfast keeps me full for a ridiculously long time. i ate around 8am and wasn’t hungry for lunch until after 1pm.


i didn’t pack a lunch yesterday and wasn’t very hungry from my filling breakfast, so i grabbed random things from my snack drawer to double as lunch.

i had cinnamon vanilla black tea, aka the best tea ever. i also had a matt’s munchie’s fruit leather and some trader joe’s sesame sticks. i planned to eat that green apple too, but i wasn’t hungry for it after the rest of the lunch!


i left work a bit early because i had a webinar i wanted to attend at 3pm and i needed a headset so i could speak if i had a question. and of course the headset was at home.

i got home and made a snack for the webinar – i was finally hungry after that breakfast and my lunch snacks!

sorry for the mess – i was rushing like crazy not to miss anything. it was worth it to come home, though! i did have a question and it really helped me to get it answered!

i had that green apple sliced with some brie and some more tea!


and finally, dinner.

helloooooooo thanksgiving leftovers!

i had some of brad’s grandma’s turkey & mashed potatoes and some of my grandma’s stuffing!

(see our pretty christmas decorations?!)

and some of brad’s grandma’s cookies with milk for dessert!


so basically, i cooked absolutely nothing yesterday!

my body is craving fruits and veggies like crazy now. breakfast today is going to be a huge mug of fresh juice! i think it might be time for a little post-thanksgiving/pre-christmas detox….


p.s. our wedding photographer just posted a sneak peek of some of our wedding photos on her blog! check out the photos & if you like them, hit “like” on the post!

wedding - me and brad x3

(photo source)

shanna (our photographer) and i have been friends since elementary school and she is such a talented photographer! i feel so lucky that she captured our wedding for us & i am so excited to see the rest of the pictures.


do you still have thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge?

have you decorated for christmas yet?

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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9 Responses to the one with the random meals

  1. Katie says:

    CUTE centerpiece!! And I see your tree peeking in the background…! 😉

  2. love that centerpiece! those sesame sticks sound goooood

  3. Mac says:

    I’m becoming more and more of a black tea fan, your tea sounds great! Right now I am sipping on a mug of almond vanilla black tea from TJMaxx (random place I know) and I love it! I used to really only drink green tea, but I love black tea now too!

  4. I ate a couple of days of random foods after Thanksgiving and pre-grocery shopping trip. I’m right there with you! Your wedding photos look fantastic!

  5. I love that dream mug – so cute!

    Sometimes random meals just turn out to be the best!
    LOVE the wedding pictures. Darling!!

  6. I love the pretty Christmas balls in the glass container!!

  7. you can’t go wrong with cookies and milk!

  8. First of all let me just say that the wedding pics are absolutely GORGEOUS! Love your shoes too! What’s the story behind the school bus?

    I just bought some smoked salmon from TJ’s on Sunday…why have I not had your breakfast for my breakfast yet?! Ohhhh, and I also got some of that tea since you are so fond of it! I’m going to try it tomorrow!

    Love the colors in your Christmassy centerpiece! I haven’t decorated yet, but I’m on call at the hospital this weekend which means I have to be able to get to the hospital within 30 minutes so I plan on spending the entire weekend inside (and away from the FREEZING temps) and getting in touch with my inner elf! 😉

  9. Jessica says:

    I love smoked salmon, and always contemplate getting it when I am grocery shopping…I just wish it wasn’t so expensive! Your picture makes it look great, and I’m thinking I should splurge next time I’m shopping 🙂

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