seven things sunday, part vii

hey everyone! i hope you’re all having a great weekend!

mine has been jam packed and wonderful! i can’t wait to catch you up on all the fun happenings in today’s seven things!

1. my friend katie visited this weekend! it was her first time seeing our apartment and one of the few times she’s been to madison! we took advantage of her visit by having lots of time for chatting, plenty of shopping, and eating!

i took her to the dane county farmers market (it’s indoors for the winter, but still wonderful!) and to trader joe’s and the co-op. we also stopped at target & copps for a couple errands…

it was so much fun having katie here! i’m glad she was able to visit. Smile

2. i got a couple of my holiday season favorites at trader joe’s!

i always get an advent calendar each year. i reminds me of when i was little!

and this vanilla and cinnamon black tea is one of my favorites! it’s only available at trader joe’s seasonally, so i stocked up and got three boxes yesterday! and i’ll probably pick up at least another two or three before the season is over. i enjoy it year round.

in fact, i’m sipping some as i type! so happy it’s back in my life.

3. i went out to eat a lot this weekend. and i feel like it today…

katie and i went to dinner at bluephies and friday night, to lazy jane’s saturday morning, and then brad and i met a bunch of friends at maharani (indian food) last night. (restaurant reviews to come soon!)

all of the food was great and not too greasy or heavy, but i usually try to keep my meals out to one every two or more days, otherwise i start to feel like i’ve been eating out.

i’m excited for some home-cooked food today!

4. jake and capone are so cute! we took some videos of them this week.

they both love this new frisbee toy with a squeaker in the center of it.

and capone did all of his tricks for us!

and redeemed himself on the flipping the bone off his nose trick.

5. i bought some christmas stuff this weekend….

growing up, we always got stockings on december 6 for  st. nick day. when i was at target yesterday, i picked up stockings for my little family! jake and capone even get their own.

finding a place to hang them is high on my list today.

6. i spent some time on pinterest yesterday and now have a list of project supplies a mile long to get from michaels!

7. last weekend was my mother-in-law’s birthday so we went home to spend some family time.

she made us dinner on saturday night and i had to snap a picture of her table setting…




i ❤ it.


what are you up to today?

we were supposed to get brunch with some friends, but i don’t think my stomach is feeling another meal out right now…

on the list today is:

  • catching up on my dvr’ed shows
  • hanging the christmas stockings
  • cooking meals at home
  • relaxing

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to seven things sunday, part vii

  1. Cute!! I really love your 7 today! 🙂 I miss the boys! 😦 can’t wait for Xmas! 🙂
    OO… which items are you going to DIY first?!!
    Today = a little cleanup from potluck.. find a few recipes for the week…. blog a few…watch game… relax (cuz its my day off and POURING OUT)
    Going to Michaels in 1/2 hour…
    Make cashew butter…

  2. Ohhh I wanna get one of those advent things from TJ’s! That looks so fun!

  3. I’ve never gone to the market when it’s indoors. Does it have a lot of the same vendors?

  4. I love that you still get advent calendars! We had them growing up too and it always makes me smile getting them!

  5. Love fiestaware…especially when it’s mixed-and-matched!

    FYI, once I clicked on your link to Pinterest, I seriously got sucked in for 10 minutes before I realized what I was doing! Haha! I am seriously in love with that colorful tree pic from Etsy in your home board…think I might try something like that of my own! 🙂

    Love the stockings! I need to look for one for Tiger this year!

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