seven things sunday, part vi

good morning, friends! i hope you’re all having a lovely & rejuvenating weekend! i definitely am. Smile

today is going to be yet another installment of seven things sunday! i love doing these posts because this way i can tell you all of the little things i wanted to tell you all week, but that didn’t really need their own post. it’s perfect!

in case you missed them, here are the previous sunday sevens:

1. i know i showed you some coupon deals on friday, but these are my goodies from a recent shopping trip.

i saved so much money on this stuff – some of it was free, and some of it even made money for me!

2. i did a really thorough vacuuming job in our living room the other day and even moved all of the furniture to vacuum under it. look what i found under the couch…

silly puppies! look at all of their toys that got stuck under there. i couldn’t help but just burst out laughing when i saw this!

3. my recipe for creamy buffalo chicken crisps was featured on healthy living blogs last week!

it’s one of my favorite recipes and perfect for game day snacks. you should check it out! i’m thrilled that it was featured on the hlb site!

4. friday and yesterday, these made their return.

i have been seriously slacking in the physical activity department (other than walking and playing with the dogs), and things aren’t looking pretty. so i am kicking my butt back into shape! any motivation/accountability would be appreciated. Smile

5. we moved our grill and our outdoor furniture off of the porch for winter. but our table won’t fit though any doorways. so it’s in the middle of our dining room.

my wonderful husband just needs to take a break from his video game for long enough to remove those table legs! (hint, hint, love!)

6. i had the most random dinner on thursday night. brad wasn’t home for dinner, so i was left to fend for myself.


i ate an entire (smallish) acorn squash (roasted in coconut oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and then drizzles with maple syrup) and an indian flatbread thing from trader joe’s.

it was a surprisingly delicious and satisfying dinner!

7. this might have happened at work this week….

Pandora - Glee Christmas

i can’t help it! i love the holiday season and holiday music! and with the snow on tuesday, it just seemed right.

please don’t judge me…


this past week was a really really great one, so i’m hoping this one is just as good! i am making a plan for each day and trying to be realistic about what i can accomplish so i don’t frustrate myself!


what’s your stance on holiday music? love it or hate it?

brad isn’t a big fan, so i have to listen when i’m not with him! Smile and really, i think it’s a bit early for holiday music and i only listened to it that one snowy day…

tell me your sunday 7 (or anything really).


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to seven things sunday, part vi

  1. Holly says:

    LOVE Christmas music…I say as soon as it hits November, you’re good to go! and the Glee Xmas album is AWESOME! glad you are having a good weekend 🙂

  2. haha my cats do the same thing putting all their toys under the couch!

  3. I made buffalo chicken egg rolls today that look very similar to yours! YUM!

  4. Yay!! I love your sunday 7s! I hope you don’t mind me joining in with you!! We should start something together!! Sunday Sevens with the Sisters! 🙂 mwahaha… cheeseball over here!!
    p.s… I MAY or may not have listened to lots of christmas music already.. including glee and straight no chaser!!!
    AND…. SOOO happy to hear you are just going to the gym as much as you can! 🙂 I love your goal of 20 minutes per sesh minimum!! That is alot more than others are doing!
    ALWAYs remember.. this is my fav. quote now…”Someone busier than you is running right now” Love you! 🙂

  5. another comment on X-mas music… I had to make it okay for me to listen.. so I decided that the artists work soooo hard on making these albums so we have to listen to them for just a month… start november.. its ok in my book… ? I think?

  6. Chelsea says:

    Noooooooo Christmas music until December!!!!!!! (for me at least 🙂 )

  7. Ahhhh, I love that you’re already listening to Christmas music! I started up the Christmas station on Pandora weeks ago and keep going back to it about once or twice a week. I think after Thanksgiving, I’ll probably listen to it every day like I always do until it comes time for Christmas and I want to slap the next person who starts singing anything holly or jolly! Haha! 😉

    Good job getting back into working out! I’m on a bit of a workout roller coaster right now….I was going really strong last week…even after taking a day off to rest after my wreck, but I missed going Saturday AND Sunday because time got away from me when I was out with friends. Then I missed today because I hardly got any sleep after my nightshift last night. Three days off in a row are not good for this girl…I feel like such a bum! :-/ Hopefully, I’ll get in a good workout today! Hold me to it!

  8. Oh and your pups and their toys reminded me of when I was moving earlier this year. I had a ferret for about 9 months back in 2009 and when I moved in March of 2011, I found ferret food that he had stashed behind all of the living room furniture! Haha! Silly little squirt!

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