i love today’s date.

i didn’t care about what the date would be when brad and i were deciding when to get married, but 11.11.11 or 9.10.11 would have been cool anniversary dates!

but 8.27.11 sounds pretty wonderful to me too! ❤


today’s post is all about coupons!

i’ve mentioned a couple times that i’m learning how to be a coupon-er! well, i’ve had a lot of help learning the ropes. i saw kelly from beneath it all post about coupons a while ago, but since her blog is private now, i can’t even link to those great posts! Sad smile


it’s ok, because i can tell you all about it!

now, the first thing i did when i decided to start using coupons more often and more effectively was to start following some great coupon blogs. i’m sure there are more than this, but these are the ones that i follow:

these are all great resources to find out good deals, new printable coupons that are available, and which coupons match up with current sales. a lot of times, they have overlapping material, but there are gems from each of them, so i like to follow them all. also, i recommend following via email, instead of in your google reader. between the 5 of them, there can be 100+ posts per day, so that can make your reader go crazy very quickly!

one of the awesome things about these sites is that they do a lot of the work for you! they find the store sales, they figure out which coupons match with them, and they tell you very specifically how to get the deals!

they also each have some great tips to organize coupons, explain how each store’s coupon policy works, and other tips & tricks!

ok, so go check out those blogs & have fun dreaming of how you’ll save money!


here are a couple amazing coupon deals i’ve gotten:


two 4ox clabber girl baking powders for free! there was a printable coupon a while ago for $.50 off any clabber girl baking powder and i had two of them. then, walgreens had a sale where you could get two of the 4oz baking powders for $1 (aka $.50 each). so i used the walgreens sale on top of two $.50 off coupons, and got them both free!


free hungry jack pancake mix!


target had a coupon for $1 off any hungry jack pancake mix or syrup with no size restrictions! these single serving packages were $.99 each, so with the coupon, it was free!


very cheap dog treats!


this was a fancy coupon deal that i came up with myself! (the rest of the deals were suggested on those websites i mentioned!) i had a manufacturer coupon for one free milkbone essentials plus when i bought any other milkbone dog treats 5oz or larger. i also had a manufacturer coupon for $2.00 off any one milkbone dog treats purchase. and finally, target had a store coupon available for $1.50 off of two milkbone dog treats over 5oz. i ended up paying $.24 total for these two dog treats!


whew! if that hasn’t convinced you that couponing can be worth it, stay tuned! i’ll have another post soon with more couponing tips & some great deal inspirations!


it’s friday! i feel like i say this every week, but this week flew by! Smile does anyone have exciting weekend plans? it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday on sunday, so we’re heading home tomorrow after brad is done with work to do some celebrating! brad’s sister will also be home and we haven’t seen her since the wedding, so it’ll be a fun little trip!

i hope you all have some fun plans this weekend too!


do you use coupons?

any tips, tricks, or other good coupon website suggestions?

what’s your wedding anniversary?!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to 11.11.11

  1. hurray for good deals! i’m all about dog bone deals 🙂

  2. Chelsea says:

    My wedding anniversary is 6/20/06 – not too exciting ;). You guys got way more snow than we did!

  3. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner says:

    We actually got married on 7-7-07! I really was hoping to have an 11-11-11 baby, but 10-18-11 works too!

  4. I think it’s better that you don’t have 11.11.11 or 9.10.11. Now you aren’t sharing your anniversary with all these other folks! It’s just *your* special date!! 😀

  5. Heather says:

    Nicholas is always stoked when I saw a whole bunch of money with coupons. Latest deal: went to the grocery store. used coupons and store card. spent $3.21. Left with $21.33 worth of food. BOOYAH.

  6. We were married 10/1/05. We picked the first month in which the 1st fell on a Saturday because our first date was 12/1/03. To this day, we try and have a date night on the 1st of each month…it’s a fun way to have a set date night.

  7. I used to coupon a lot more. We lived in a area for a bit that had stores that doubled and tripled coupons and it was quite fun to see how little I could spend. The stores in this area don’t double or price match, so I don’t coupon as much. I only use 2-3 coupons a trip now.

  8. My wedding anniversary was the 17.04.09 – nothing special but it’s our date!

    I don’t use coupons – but only because I just can’t seem to find the time to organise myself. I envy your ability to organise yourself to do so!

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