random thursday thoughts

hey guys! i’ve got a lot of thoughts swirling around in this head and lots of things i want to tell you about, so i’m going to just go with it.

sound good?


first, if you know anyone from wisconsin, you probably know that it snowed here yesterday.


winter is here.

don’t get me wrong – i am a wisconsin girl to the core and i love winter, but the first snow of the year (and usually the 2nd and even 3rd) always come as a shock to the system.

a fun thing about the snow?

seeing the dogs react to it! it was jake’s first time in snow and he was pouncing around in it! and it’s been a while since capone saw any too, so he was being all silly playing in it too! 🙂

there really wasn’t very much snow at all though, so i guess i should be happy that we get to ease into it?



i always do my weekly grocery shopping on wednesdays because our supermarket doubles coupons on wednesdays! our store had an amazing deal going on this week, buy 20 luna or clif bars at $1 each and get $5 off. so 20 bars for $15!

that’s awesome in itself, but i also had a coupon to get $.50 off of a luna bar, so i used that coupon and it doubled on the offer, so i got 20 luna/clif bars for $14! that’s only $.70 per bar. not bad at all….!

i also found those clif z bars at target on sale for $3.09 per box, and i had a coupon for $1 off a box, so i got the whole box for $2.09!

now i have tons of new bars to try – i can’t wait!


i bought these wasabi seaweed snacks at trader joe’s on a whim a couple weeks ago.

i tried them yesterday, and oh my gosh! i’ve had plain seaweed snacks before, but these kick it up a notch! i will definitely be getting more.


i got this tea (on sale) a couple weeks ago and tried it yesterday, too. (the snowy weather kind of called for tea to be made….)

phew! it is strong and very bitter. i like ginger, but i’ll definitely have to add some sweetener to this in the future…

i also tried the “think o2” kind of traditional medicinals tea yesterday and i really liked that one much better! i brought some bags of it to keep at work for when i need a mental boost!



this game is already the bane of my existance.

i picked it up for brad when i was out shopping yesterday. after thanking me and giving me lots of kisses, he didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.

no, that’s an exaggeration. but i can already tell this is going to be his new favorite thing for a while.


as i was coming in to work today, i realized how thankful i am that it’s light out in the mornings again. it is so hard for me to start my day and be ready to work when it’s still dark outside. it made me very happy!

i also found a new-to-me radio station that was playing awesome music on my drive to the bus transfer point and i was loving it! i sang along with it for my whole drive. i love when that happens.

so basically, i had a great start to my day! i hope you all did too.


p.s. my sister posted a recipe for one of our favorite pasta salads on her blog this morning. it is a major crowd pleaser – i brought it to my department holiday potluck last year and there was not a bit left even though i brought in a huge bowl! just fyi in case you’re looking for a good potluck dish. or just want to eat delicious food…! 🙂


so tell me,

are you in a relationship with someone who plays video games?

do they drop off the face of the earth every time a new game comes out?

have you tried seaweed snacks before?

has it snowed where you are yet this year?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to random thursday thoughts

  1. kelly gobis says:

    uh oh sarah! you probably won’t see “zinks” for months now lol. If pete gets that, I won’t have a conversation with him for weeks!!

    • sarah says:

      ughhhh, i know! i hope pete doesn’t get it for your sake!

      as soon as dinner was over last night, he had to start playing – we couldn’t even finish the show that was on!

  2. awww yay for puppies in the snow! i LOVE taking the boys out to play, especially when it’s super deep.

  3. Kelly says:

    Well. I should probably warn you that this is going to be a novel of a comment. Be prepared. 🙂

    1) You guys got way more snow than we did! We got some sticking, but you can definitely see the grass beneath it. I’m the same way with snow, I don’t like it the first few times, but really I do like it – or at least looking at it, driving is a different story.

    2) I’m a fan of the Yogi Ginger Tea but it is strong as well. I often end up drinking it with another kind of generic black tea so that I still get the ginger flavor, but it isn’t quite as strong as if I was drinking it by itself. They also have a Lemon Ginger which is good as well and not quite as bitter.

    3) Video Games. Oh where do I start. Fun Fact: My husband actually worked on that game! Bet you didn’t know that there is a video game studio in Middleton! So yeah, we have it, and he has been playing it – beat it last night actually – but probably not as much as someone who hasn’t been working on it for the past many months 🙂 So yeah, I hear ya about not being spoken to for hours on end…..but just think about it as supporting local business 😉

  4. sister says:

    No keith is not even close to being a video gsmer…thank goodness! Mmm..I love seaweed…have not tried this kind…yay booooom boooom!

  5. Katie says:

    Agreed ~ my system is also snow-shocked!!

  6. Oh girl, I hear ya. The whole getting up and getting ready in the dark thing is sooo not cool. I’m so glad that it’s daylight when I wake up now!

    Also, snow and dogs is really funny! Oreo didn’t quite know what to make of the snow last year, haha! He definitely didn’t like it, though. He’s such a baby about being cold and/or wet. 😉

  7. Whoa that’s a lot of bars! I’m the same way though…I stock up and then don’t buy any for a few weeks.

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