can you believe that today is the 42nd what i ate wednesday?!?


i haven’t participated in every single one, but it’s been close! Smile

i’m excited about today’s because it sure is delicious!

first, breakfast yesterday was boring overnight oats. you’ve seen those before, so i’ll show you what we ate for breakfast one morning this weekend!

i bought tiny potatoes at trader joe’s last week, so we sliced them up, pan fried them with onions, and made egg sandwiches!

we used to make this breakfast pretty much every time i visited brad in st. louis, so it was a little nostalgic to make this one! the sandwiches each have an egg, spinach, turkey, and cheese!


lunch was a massive honeycrisp apple.

seriously, this was the biggest one i’ve ever seen!

next to a kombucha bottle for size comparison. huge.

and some of the leftover filling from monday’s stuffed peppers in a wrap.


with lots and lots of spinach!


a while later i enjoyed some tea. (mango black tea from trader joes = my all time favorite tea).

and “attended” a webinar.

i’m thinking about starting a new project, and this was related to it! Smile

i’m really really really excited about it, but not ready to share details yet!


then i came home and made the ultimate comfort food for dinner! it was a gross, dreary day, so i knew this favorite would be much appreciated by brad!

homemade mac & cheese with roasted zucchini and squash!

and i always eat mine on a big bed of spinach! gotta get those veggies in!


i had a surprise when brad got home. he brought me a present!


i love out of nowhere surprises. ❤

i had to put them next to my dried roses – the red one from our 1 year dating anniversary and the yellow one from our 3 year dating anniversary. i got beautiful flowers for our 2 year anniversary, but no roses.

it’s funny that i only dry the roses, though. i love roses, but they’re definitely not my favorite flower, despite the fact that rose is my middle name. i love bright, happy flowers like lilies, daisies, etc. but i’m definitely not complaining about the surprise roses!


it is another ridiculously dreary rainy day here. blech. i hate days like this!

p.s. today is jessica’s bake sale! go bid on the delicious treats!


what’s your favorite kind of flower?

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to #42

  1. That’s so sweet that Brad surprised you with roses! ❤

    I love those mini potatoes from TJ's. I use them when I make beef stew – don't need to cut any potatoes!!

  2. eeeeeeeee!!! can’t wait to hear about the new project!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Enjoying the snow???

  4. I’m impressed that you’ve done every WIAW! I’ve only been doing it for a few months. Guess I should check how many just for my own info. Congrats!

  5. holy apple! yummmm!! I love all flowers!! 🙂 especially if they are for me! 🙂

  6. those are the smallest potatoes i have ever seen. how cute!

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