books worth sharing

i grew up loving to read.

my sister used to complain that i never played with her because i was always reading.

and it was true! i went through books like crazy. there were a couple series that i was addicted to.

i loved the babysitters club, the boxcar children, american girl (kirsten & felicity were my favorites!), and sweet valley kids/twins/high. oh, and of course i love the harry potter books!

i read a lot during high school too, but that dropped off a bit in college and grad school and books were replaced by textbooks & journal articles.

but, i just made a couple trips to our local library and am rediscovering my love for reading! (not that i ever stopped loving reading, i just didn’t make the time to do it…) i checked out a couple books that i thought i’d share!

the soldier’s wife

i loved this book!



i could not put it down and ended up staying up late to finish it. it’s a story about a mother and her two daughters who live on a small english island that is occupied by the germans during wwii. i’ve read plenty of historical fiction novels set during wwii, but i’ve never read one that wasn’t set in germany. i think the author did a great job portraying how so many people all over the world were impacted by wwii.

gap creek

this book took me a while to get into.



it’s another historical fiction story about a young newlywed couple and their struggles in the beginning of their marriage. seriously, just about everything that could go wrong does, but you really end up cheering for them to pull though.


i “read” this book on audio book during my commute to & from the lab!



as soon as i heard that tina fey did the reading for the audiobook, i knew i had to listen to this one! i ended up laughing out loud by myself in my car more times than i’d like to admit. i’m sure i looked like a crazy lady to any other drivers around me!

i really liked this as a “light” listen. it was easy to stop and pick up again. i listened to it in 20-minute driving intervals, so some books probably wouldn’t work for me to listen to, but this one did.

the help

yeah, i think i’m the only person in the world who hasn’t read/seen the movie yet, but i’m listening to the book right now and i love it! i find myself just wanting to listen to it even when i’m not driving.



i haven’t finished it yet, but i’m already sucked in (i’m on chapter 7). i can’t wait to hear what happens next!


a couple books on my list to read next are:

  • water for elephants (yep, haven’t read it yet…)
  • american wife
  • the immortal life of henrietta lacks (this was uw’s “go big read” book recently, so i don’t know how i didn’t read it!)

also, one of my 101 in 1001 goals is to read 26 books when i’m 26. since my birthday is in 79 days, i should start building my list of books for that!


what other books should i add to my list?

i love historical fiction, but i am open to other genres!

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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12 Responses to books worth sharing

  1. I just finished Water for Elephants, and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I know I’m in the minority because it seems like EVERYONE raves about, but it just couldn’t hold my attention!

    I really want to read Tina Fey’s book – she is amazing!

  2. i was the BIGGEST book nerd growing up. loved the boxcar children and sweet valley high

  3. Deb Sieracki says:

    I have to admit, it has been quite some time since I picked up a book. I have a couple at home and will definitely take a peek at one of them. mama

  4. Katie says:

    I can’t believe you haven’t read Water for Elephants yet! that’s been one of my favorites since waaay before it was “cool”. 😉 I thought they actually did a decent job with the movie too. I also listened to The Help instead of reading it, and I think that it was even better that way with the different voices. Although, I guess I can’t compare. I’m really excited to see the movie ~ I was going to go with my friend Barb to see it at the budget theater last week, but I was too, too sick 😦 I found The Immortal Life to be slow… I started in May, and I actually haven’t even finished it yet!

    Oh ~ I have Water for Elephants if you want to borrow it!

  5. Mellissa says:

    I read a ton and have six books picked out for my upcoming trip. Like you, I love historical fiction and here are a few of my favorites- Pillars of the Earth, Outlander, Sarahs Key, Midwives, World without End.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I’m curious about The Help. It’s not one that I would have thought I’d like, but it’s gotten such great reviews. I’d tell you to take Water for Elephants off your list :). I know people love it but I thought the book was one long cliche. Seriously. Really bad. One of my least favorite books of all time. Have you ever read Life of Pi by Yann Martel?

  7. i got the bossypants audiobook too!!!!!!! paul and i listened to it during raleigh WF road trips and we looooved it! =)

  8. Bri says:

    Love the book suggestions! I really want to read The Solider’s Wife, so glad you liked it. I’m reading American Wife now, so I think it will be a great book to follow that up!

  9. I’m really curious about The Soldier’s Wife – sounds like a book I would enjoy. I am in the middle of reading The Hunger Games series right now and they are really good. 🙂

  10. Have you read Loving Frank? I really enjoyed it, and have been wanting to visit Taliesin again since reading it. p.s. I too loved The Babysitters Club and The Boxcar Children when I was a kid.

  11. I loved The Babysitters Club series when I was young too. That and R.L. Stine books.

    I have The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks downloaded on my kindle and have been wanting to read it for a while. I saw her story on CBS Sunday Morning and was so intrigued.

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