soup for supper

can someone please tell me how it’s already wednesday?!? this week is flying by!

i feel like it was just wiaw, and it’s back again!

i’ve got a good one for you today.

breakfast was pretty typical overnight oats, so i’ll show you my breakfast from monday…

whole wheat bread with reduced fat cream cheese and smoked salmon pieces from trader joes. seriously cannot get enough of these salmon pieces!

and of course i always stay hydrated…

two thermoses of coffee (we are loving the new contigo mugs!), a big bottle of water, and my daily kombucha.


now that the weather is cooling down, my office is freezing, so i decided it’s tea season again!

during the winter i usually drink 1-3 cups of tea at my desk every day.

i just had one yesterday though!


usually on tuesdays i eat my lunch during our tuesday noon seminar, but i ate breakfast late yesterday, so i wasn’t hungry for lunch until after 1pm.

quinoa risotto

lunch was leftover quinoa risotto from monday, a honeycrisp apple, and a pickle!


i love my pickles. Smile


i had a little snack of cottage cheese when i got home.

cottage cheese

and a couple pieces of candy corn grabbed from the dish.


dinner was the real treat yesterday, though! i saw liz mention that she made this soup over the weekend and i knew immediately that i’d make it for dinner, especially since i already had all of the ingredients on hand – that never happens!*

side note: is anyone else super influenced by blog recipes when meal planning? usually when i see a recipe that just does it for me, i’ll make it within a week!

i followed the recipe exactly but added a couple extra flavors at the end!

the recipe only called for salt for seasoning, but i wanted more, so i added freshly ground pepper and curry powder. i also added a little sprinkle of paprika and a dollop of non-fat plain yogurt on top.

i had to use my immersion blender to blend up the potato and squash chunks once they were cooked. i’ve never used it for a soup before, so i was excited by how well it turned out!

we had some sweet potato fries and green beans on the side. it was a delicious, veggie-full dinner!

after dinner we cozied up on the couch to watch a couple episodes of the office & played with the puppies.

capone always lets jake win the tug of wars…


today is a big work at home day again. i always say this, but i get so much more done when i work at home than when i go in to the lab. i wish i could work at home more! but i do realize i’m lucky enough to get to do it once or twice a week!


what meals/foods remind you of fall?

this soup screams fall to me! butternut squash + sweet potatoes + soup = fall.


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to soup for supper

  1. haha i love when my boys play tug!

  2. I’m usually so set on my own recipe creating agenda BUT…. there are a few recipes I see and make immediately! like the squash n cheese you inspired with your veggie mac and cheese =) hehe

    omg so – that sushi place is 2 hours away! hehe feel better now? Those killer deals are juuuust out of reach most days… though everyso often i just hop in the car and DRIVE! ❤ always on a foodie or shopping agenda =)

  3. Lunch looks great and I love cottage cheese!

  4. I love butternut squash soup and actually made my own vegan version last week. Looks like you had a great day of food and fun.

  5. Yum! LOVING that soup. Totally reminds me of fall 🙂

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