halloween flashback

happy halloween!

is everyone feeling spooky today?

or did you do your halloween celebration over the weekend?

we laid pretty low this year – no dressing up or going crazy – just a mellow gathering with my friends before we came home to snuggle with our puppies and everyone else went out to the bars.

jake and capone

i’m ok with snuggling with these two over a hangover any day though. Smile

i have had some fun halloweens in the past though!

for halloween 2010, i was in st. louis with brad & we didn’t go out.

in 2009, brad & i, liz & keith, and our friends kelly & pete (remember when liz, brad, and i were in their wedding?) hung out in madison.

we went out on state street for freak fest.

brad and i went as dog & beth from the show, bounty hunters.

kel & pete were prisoners….

and liz & keith were bret michaels and a rock of love girl.

i had quite a few halloween costumes for college celebrations – most years we ended up celebrating 3 nights in a row, which meant we needed 3 costumes, of course!

i’ve been a cow…


white trash…

white trash

a school girl…

school girl



and a fantasy football player with a bunch of my friends!




and of course, i have to show some of brad’s costumes! in 2008, he went as the guy from the my new haircut youtube video

brad - new haircut

and he was a little football player…


and a clown when he was little!


hahaha! i love it!


and now i really want to dress up again next year….


what was your best halloween costume ever?

i think mine was when i was a cat…


i was 2!


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to halloween flashback

  1. Katie says:

    Aww I love the pictures of yu and Brad when you were little!! Adorable ;o)

  2. i saw a sea monster once when i was little. it was pretty awesome

  3. I fondly remember a Charlie Chaplin costume from my late elementary years. Remember, back when we made our own costumes? 🙂

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