seven things sunday part iv

hey everyone! i’m blogging a little later than usual today because i wanted to ease into my morning! Smile

brad and i slept in (him more than me), i enjoyed a couple mugs of coffee at home, read the paper, and played with the puppies. then i headed out to do some grocery stock-ups and now i’m home!

today’s seven things sunday is going to feature some of my purchases from today & some cuteness that makes me melt!

let’s get started!

1. i found these new (to me) gt’s kombuchas at the co-op today.

raspberry chia

and grape chia.

i was intrigued, so i had to try them, even though i have been preferring my own kombucha lately!

i’ve only tried the raspberry one yet, and i’m a little iffy. it has good flavor, but it’s very thick. brad called it “gelatinous” when he tried it. it’s got 70 kcal/serving (with 2 servings per bottle), so it’s about 2x as calorie dense as regular kombucha. i like it and i’ll definitely drink them, but i’m not sure i’d buy them again.

2. i went to trader joe’s today (of course!). i usually go on saturdays after the farmers market, but i was a lazy butt yesterday morning and ended up staying in my pj’s in bed reading (i got sucked into a book majorly) until after noon! crazy for me. of course i got up and puttered around a bit for breaks in that time to do laundry, play with the puppies, get coffee, etc., but i missed my window for my normal shopping trip.

but back to trader joe’s.

i got quite a few treats! one new one and some staples…

i got 4 boxes of almond milk (we i go through it pretty quickly), coffee, agave, almonds & cashews,  chocolate bars, pasta, and wasabi seaweed snacks (the new treat!).

3. i love trader joe’s so much it gets two out of seven things today!

i stocked up on our frozen goodies too.

we love their potato fries, sweet potato fries, naan, very cherry berry blend, and puff pastry (seriously, this puff pastry is the best i’ve tried, but it’s seasonal, so try it & then stock up if you like it!).

brad also requested some dips (he likes having chips + dip with his lunches). we’ve pretty much destroyed half of that caramelized onion dip already. yum!

4. i also got to use our new costco membership from liz & keith for the first time!

it wasn’t a very big stock up trip, but i got some of our favorites/necessities! milk, massive jars of pickles (seriously, i could eat a jar in a week, and no, i’m not pregnant), nutella (which was regularly $7ish, and there was a $2.50 off coupon on the current savings booklet!), and cottage cheese.


5. an exciting costco purchase was these two contigo autoseal thermal mugs.

i’ve seen janetha rave about these forever, so i was pumped to see them for $19.95 for two, plus a $4 off coupon in the savings booklet!

i was a little nervous to show them to brad, afraid he’d think i was silly to get them since we already have some (crappy) thremos mugs, but he really likes them, and said i should get two more if i can get back to costco before the coupon expires! Smile

6. i have exciting plans for the rest of the day. they include snuggling with my husband, breaking out a new (library) book, and tackling this coupon pile!

we got our first sunday paper today so i’m excited to see which coupons are in it!

brad already picked out a few deals from the best buy ad that he wants to check out. maybe i should have recycled that ad immediately instead of setting it out for him to see…

7. this makes me melt.

and so does this.

jake fell asleep on brad’s legs last night while he was playing video games, and capone snuggled up to me on the couch.

aww. i love my boys. all 3 of them! ❤


i hope you’re all having a great halloween weekend!


did you do anything to celebrate halloween?

we hung out with some friends last night during the badger game. we didn’t dress up, but some of our friends did. we had a lady bug, a devil, and a male/female musketeer couple in our group.

tell me one – seven things!


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to seven things sunday part iv

  1. I wanted to get those mugs too when I was at Costco recently. They looked nice and sturdy! I didn’t know Janetha raved about them. You’ll have to do your own review once you have used one for a while. 🙂

    We didn’t celebrate Halloween. I had to work a Halloween themed event though and it was fun celebrating that way.

  2. yay for costco! those mugs look awesome!

  3. janetha says:

    I literally said “YAY” when I saw the mugs hahaha

  4. Katie says:

    So I had a trip to TJ’s planned for yesterday, and after reading this I had to scoop up some of that onion dip! 😉 We haven’t tried it yet though…

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