restaurant review: aranda’s

last night brad and i decided to go out for dinner! we cook at home all work-week, so once or twice on the weekends it’s nice to grab a meal out.

i’m not sure if you’ve gathered this from reading my blog, but i love mexican food! so does brad.

so, when a new mexican restaurant, aranda’s,* opened in de forest literally less than a mile from our apartment, we had to try it out! we went a couple weeks ago with some of brad’s colleagues (actually, his bosses i guess…), but i didn’t want to be all blogger on them, so i didn’t take any pictures. it’s ok though, because i got the exact same thing this time!

*the link is to their facebook page – i couldn’t find an actual website for them yet.

of course, a sign of a good mexican restaurant, they started us off with complimentary chips & salsa.

we also ordered a bean and queso dip  to go with the chips (we had this on the house last time and it was amazing so we had to have it again).

bean and queso dip

also, we were feeling festive, so we got a pitcher of margaritas!

brad pouring margaritas

last time we ordered the house variety, but this time we bumped it up a notch and got the california margaritas – they’re made with grand marnier and so worth the extra couple dollars.


these were delicious margaritas!

we filled up on all of these goodies while we waited for our entrees to arrive.

vegetable quesadilla

i ordered the vegetable quesadilla.

i had it  last time and loved it and i was so happy to order it again tonight!

i ate about 5 bites of my meal and was totally stuffed after all the chips and margaritas, so we ended up bringing most of my quesadilla home for leftovers tomorrow!

brad ordered the philly steak burrito.

it was also delicious and oh so cheesy. good thing we like cheesy!

it was definitely an indulgent night out, but our service was great both times we visited aranda’s and we’ll definitely be back!

Aranda's on Urbanspoon


what do you like to order at a mexican restaurant?

i’ll go for veggie anything, especially if it’s got roasted veggies! yum.

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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  1. We stopped by a Mexican restaurant yesterday – and had quesadilla and guac! (And totally filled up on chips & salsa) That bean dip looks great!!!

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