seven things sunday, part iii

i have been loving these seven things sunday features!

if you missed the first two, check them out now:

part i

part ii

and now on to this week’s 7 things!

1. i got this sample of the new clif bar flavor for free!

i saw a promotion on facebook a while ago and the sample arrived this week! i can’t wait to try it. doesn’t peppermint stick sound delicious?

2. i am jumping on the couponing bandwagon.

no, i’m not going all “extreme couponer”. i don’t have time or patience for that! but, how hard it is to clip coupons from the paper and save them until the item goes on sale? i think i can handle that…

i’ve started following coupon blogs and ordered the sunday paper for us. if anyone has coupon tips, let me know!

3. i read this book this week.

Fullscreen capture 10212011 105700 AM.bmp

i loved it! it’s a great historical fiction novel about a young girl who moved to the united states from a poor italian town. she has a lot of struggles and you definitely cheer for her to come out on top!

4. now i’m reading this book.

Fullscreen capture 10212011 105801 AM.bmp

it’s taking a bit longer to get into it, but i’m still giving it a shot.

5. we still haven’t finished our wedding thank you notes…

major fail.

6. brad has a crazy busy week ahead of him at work. what should i make him for dinner/lunches this week. he deserves something really delicious!

i’m thinking about this curry spiced butternut squash soup from ashley and/or this asparagus and mushroom quinoa risotto from emily (but subbing out broccoli for asparagus because we have a ton of broccoli right now!

7. all of the blogger pregnancies and new babies lately have been giving me baby fever! congratulations kristen & emily who welcomed new little bundles of joy to their families this week. i’ve also loved following katie, sarah, and jen‘s pregnancy journies!

just a couple more years for us…..

for now, we’re happy with our little fur babies!


what are you sunday 7 this week?

anyone else getting baby fever from all of these new blogger babies?

what should i make my hard-working husband this week?

any couponing tips?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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9 Responses to seven things sunday, part iii

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m not an expert or anything, but here are some couponing tips that I’ve got:
    -There are places that I absolutely don’t buy anything unless I have a coupon because they ALWAYS (or 99% of the time at least) have coupons available – Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Kohls, just to name a few.
    -Check and see if your local grocery store has double coupon days. At Metcalfe’s it is Wednesdays – however they only double up to $1 coupons, and you can only double 5 per transaction. But still, getting $1.10 off instead of $.55 is still a huge deal! You just have to plan accordingly to make sure you are getting the most $ for your coupons. 🙂
    -Make sure that you don’t start to buy things just because you have a coupon. I definitely fell into this trap when I started couponing. As much of a deal it may seem to be, If you aren’t going to use the product, it isn’t worth the discount…..unless it is free, that might be the exception to the rule.
    – You should do a post about the coupon sites you subscribe to and all that. I have some that I subscribe to so I’d be curious to see what you’ve found 🙂

    • sarah says:

      Copps doubles coupons on Wednesday too with the same rules as metcalfs! i ALWAYS take advantage of that!!

      and i will definitely post more about couponing!

  2. def know what you mean about the babies 🙂

  3. No thanks to the babies… unless it is a a puppy… YAY for couponing! I printed LOTS of cereal and yogurt coupons this morning!!! You inspire me to pick up a book and read it! Yay for puppy butts!

  4. Maria says:

    I too have baby fever with all these pregnancies & births! BUT we are also waiting a few years & enjoy each other as newlyweds! I made my hubby sweet potato chili awhile back & he loved it! I have the recipe posted on my blog. Whenever I plan to go into a store, I always check their websites for coupons. Or if you go onto the manufacturer’s website (Kraft, Alexia, etc..) they generally will have some sort of coupon there.

    • sarah says:

      Yes! i.always check manufacturer sites before a shopping trip if i have something specific in mind. 🙂

      And i do agree – im loving newlywed life!

  5. Chelsea says:

    How about slow cooker chili or beef stew? Those are two of my favorite comfort foods, and they are both ready when you are.

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