sliders for the win

remember my friends andrea & mike? i was a bridesmaid in their wedding a little over a month ago. anyway, they were in town last weekend, so we decided that it would be fun to have a potluck so everyone could get together and see them while they were here!

i jumped at the chance to volunteer brad & i to host the potluck – i love having people over! plus, it usually takes something kind of big to get people out to our apartment – it’s not very close to any of our friends’ places. 😦

i let everyone know that we’d provide a main course (sliders!) and asked that they bring a side dish, dessert, or drinks.

want to know how i know my friends are awesome?

beer 6-packs

this. for a 2pm potluck! 🙂 i love it. 5 6-packs of good beer! and they left what was left at our apartment! so now brad & i have an abundance of good beer.

we all hung out , chatted, and watched some college football for a while until it was time to start grilling & eating!

i didn’t take many photos of the food because i was too busy talking, but here’s what i’ve got!

burger condiments

lots of condiments for the sliders. i put out ketchup, a couple mustards, horseradish sauce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes.

asian noodle salad from mary

my friend mary made an awesome asian noodle salad. it was delicious!

sliders, potato salads, and condiments

we also had a couple potato salads, meatballs, cheesy beer dip, macaroons, and a rice salad.

and of course the sliders! i made black bean, turkey, and beef sliders – some with cheese & some without!

me and andrea at potluck

it was a delicious spread of food!

we always have so much fun we we all get together – and this time was great because everyone was able to make it! usually at least one person is out of town, working, or has other plans for our gatherings, but not this time! 🙂


do you like having people over for potlucks/parties?

i love it when people come to our apartment! i have so much fun making food and getting the apartment ready.

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to sliders for the win

  1. Mm! Everything looks great…except for that Wisconsin t-shirt! 😉 I kid, I kid!

    Have a great day, Sarah!

  2. love potlucks! looks like a great time. and loving all the beer 🙂

  3. Deb Sieracki says:

    I love to have people over and it seems that most of our spontaneous family gatherings are at my house.

  4. Ooh looks like you guys had fun! And delicious food too! I love having people over to our place! It’s so fun to be surrounded with friends. 🙂

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