seven things sunday, take 2

1. the are 179 days until april 12, 20112. want to know why i know that?

i just found out that i will be presenting my exit seminar that day. in my grad school program, one of the requirements for a phd is to present your research at our weekly department seminar. ahhh. i’ve got 179 days to make a lot of progress!

wish me luck!

2. i won jessica‘s cascal giveaway a while ago and i never told you about it.

now, i ❤ cascal.  jess, where can i find this stuff in stores?!? it’s delicious!

3. is this not the most beautiful juice ever?

beets = key to beautiful juice!

3.2. i have learned that for me to enjoy beets in juice, i really need to peel them beforehand. it’s not necessary, but even if i scrub them really well, they still taste a bit like dirt in juice to me. peeling them helps! 🙂

4. this vodka is delicious.

and this drink was the tastiest drink ever! brad made it for me, but it included this cake vodka, sierra mist, ice cubes, and a couple cherries. yum! i had two of these on friday night while we watched the brewers and they were so good!

i’ve had trouble with vodka ever since college (um, too many shots of fleischman’s before going out – blech), but i was able to drink this stuff!

5.  i only have 7 apples left from the 15 lbs we picked last weekend.

i’ve been busy & i can’t wait to show you what i’ve done with them….

6. i’m getting really antsy to get our professional photos back from the wedding! i keep looking through all of the ones from friends & family that we do have.

vows - close up

i want to relive that day over & over again! it feels like it was so long ago!

7. we’re going to the packers game today!!!

me and brad

i am so so so excited! the only packer game i’ve attended was during winter break my junior year of college. i went with my friend, m, who i met at school, but who grew up in green bay!

it was a cold, rainy/freezing rainy, night, but we played the vikings & won!!

the weather today is much more pleasant!


what are your 7 things today?

or maybe just one?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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11 Responses to seven things sunday, take 2

  1. Chelsea says:

    Have fun at the Packer game today. We saw the Badgers crush Indiana yesterday and it was fun. Can’t say I agree with you that adding beets to anything would be a good idea :).

  2. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner says:

    1. Go Rams! (ha, pretty sure the Packers are going to kill them.)
    2. Go Cards! 😉

  3. Kelly says:

    Have so much fun at the Packer game today!!!

  4. yay! have fun at the game!!! stay warm 🙂

  5. 1. Gave me the chills
    2. you ALWAYS win..
    3. YUM!
    4. vodka = bad news!
    5. Can’t Wait!
    6. I 2nd the antsyness and the obsessiveness of looking at your pics!
    7. recycled pic…cough cough

  6. Have fun at the game! Go Pack Go!

    I think I am going to try using canned beets in the juicer today or is that totally wrong? I don’t think I can handle the dirt taste either or the mess that comes with using fresh beets.

    I won Jessica’s cascal giveaway too and they were delicious! Whole Foods carries it in bottles.

  7. Mellissa says:

    I have looked at the cake vodka before and know I know what to do with it! Looks delicious 🙂

  8. Cascal says:

    We’re glad you enjoyed our sodas! You should be able to find us in your local Whole Foods, or you can check online through our website store locator. Thanks for the kind words!

  9. The first time I tried that vodka I thought it was delicious too, but now I think it’s too sweet.
    I can’t wait for you to share your wedding pics here!

  10. Hope you had fun at the game today!! And girl, I can’t wait to see all your wedding photos! You made such a gorgeous bride 🙂

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