so fresh and so clean clean

hey everyone! how’s the weekend going so far?

brad and i were an old married couple last night. Smile

we’re having people over this afternoon for a potluck, so of course, i wanted the apartment cleaned! i got most of it done before brad got home from work, but he still ended up helping with a couple chores.

and we really cleaned! we:

  • cleaned both bathrooms – washed down/disinfected all surfaces including toilets & showers, washed mirrors, swiffered and scrubbed the floors, and washed the towels
  • dusted – everything! not a surface went unnoticed.
  • cleaned the kitchen – took everything off counters, washed & disinfected them, washed the little trays under the stove coils, washed kitchen towels, and swiffered and scrubbed the floor in there too
  • vacuumed – like really well. we even moved all of the furniture to vacuum everything!

i am so happy! i love having a clean apartment. usually, i do a weekly surface clean where i’ll wipe down counters and vacuum around the furniture and stuff, but i love doing this big cleaning jobs because then i know everything is really clean!

then, after my cleaning binge, i tried to decorate a bit for fall!

we don’t have many holiday decorations at all, so i tried to work with what i had! (seriously, channeling my inner young house love here again – did you see their post on their halloween decorating this week?)

first, i tackled our buffet. i forgot to take a before picture, but our usual decorations are pretty bright & summery, not fall-themed at all! so, i grabbed one of the baskets that i got from speaking at my guidance counselor’s garden club meeting and filled it with winter squashes (squash?).

then i transferred our after dinner mints to more fall-colored ramekins and asked brad to get some candy corn to put in more fall-colored dishes. i already had the little jack-o-lantern tea light holders from a couple years ago – i think i got them at target for $1 each!

i was absolutely thrilled with this little scene.*

*i hope i’m not revealing more of my inner dorkiness with this. brad called me out on being too excited about it more than once last night….

the only other space that we really decorated was the table centerpiece. i think i showed you this before, but there’s been one small update.

i realized our ramekins are the perfect fit for these candles! hooray for matching our color palette.

after these photos were taken, i also put up some halloween-themed window decals that i had from a couple years ago. some went on a bathroom mirror, some on the mirror above the buffet, and some on the windows.


after our cleaning/decorating spree, we were content to sit and watch the brewers play lose Sad smile and order a pizza! honestly, it was a great friday night and we’re ready to take on the weekend!


do you decorate for fall/halloween?

are you a weirdo like me and get overly happy when you have a clean house?

what’s the plural of squash? is it squashes or squash?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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3 Responses to so fresh and so clean clean

  1. Haha! I totally get overly excited about cleaning and decorating! It’s so nice to know that everything looks nice and pretty. 🙂

    Speaking of decorating for Fall – we’ve been doing that this week too! I need to put up a post on it. Maybe after we get our pumpkins all done today! 🙂

  2. Um…you can come clean my room and bathroom any day now. My mom has been bugging me all weekend to do it!

  3. Carla Von Haden says:

    Glad to see you’re still making use of the squash and gourds. I don’t decorate much for fall in the house, but I have to serve at a couple of events (HCE on Wed. and Salad Luncheon on Friday) so all the fall decorations will be put to use there.

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