breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast

hello friends!

i hope you’re all feeling bright & chipper this wednesday morning. you know i am raring to go because it’s what i ate wednesday!

if you’re one of the few people that haven’t jumped on jenn’s party train, you definitely should give it a try!


let’s dive right in to the good stuff!

sunday morning, i didn’t want me normal oats for breakfast – i was craving something savory. so i fixed myself a nice little “grilled cheese sandwich”.

kind of. it did have cheese in it and it was grilled! but the cheese was cream cheese, and there were some smoked salmon pieces thrown in there for good measure.

and a kombucha.

seriously, i am loving our kombucha lately! i took michelle’s suggestion, and put a piece of candied ginger at the bottom of the bottles to flavor them, and wow! honestly, i like our ginger kombucha better than gt’s gingerade. and it costs me less than $0.50 per bottle to make!


i went on my merry way after that delicious breakfast, but then, when lunch rolled around, all i wanted was my oats!

i had missed them after all…


dinner was something that i knew i was going to make as soon as lindsey posted about them.

roasted vegetable puffs!!

i’m not going to write out the whole step-by-step, because i pretty much did what lindsey did, but with different stuffing!

i roasted up a bunch of veggies in the afternoon in preparation for this dinner. in the mix were regular and sweet potatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and broccoli!

i seasoned the veggies with paprika and garlic gold sea salt nuggets before baking them, and i also used a different cheese. instead of goat cheese, i used some amazing morel mushroom cheese that i always get from a vendor at our farmers market.

i used the trader joe’s brand of puff pastries, so it might have been different from what lindsey used. ours took the recommended 20 minutes + ~15 more until they were properly puffed and browned.

what did we think? well, neither of us had a crumb left on our plate, and brad said it tasted and looked good enough to be served in a restaurant!

yeah, i’d say we liked it. Smile

dinner was served with a side of fresh juice (always) and some green beans!


i’ve got a bunch more puff pastry and i brought home tons of veggies from the garden yesterday – i think we might see another variation of these puffs again soon!


when you find something you like to eat, do you make it again and again?

brad and i definitely have some staple meals that we make multiple times, but we really change it up a lot. there are just too many delicious recipes out there to make the same things over & over!

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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21 Responses to breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast

  1. I always make repeats of new recipes when they turn out well. Arc teases me all the time because sometimes I’ll go into a frenzy and whip up the same thing three times in a week, haha. Your eats look delish! I can’t wait to live near a TJs.

    • sarah says:

      hahaha, a lot of times we have leftovers that last us for 3 meals in a week, 🙂

      and yeah, trader joe’s is amazing. i don’t live within walking distance anymore, but i make the drive a couple times a month now. so worth it!

  2. I love having breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast, or breakfast for dinner!! 🙂
    Your breakfast looked at first like apricot and cheese on bread – and then I decided I must try that…. I just have apricot on the brain I think.

  3. yay!!!!!! so glad you liked them 🙂 and that breakfast sandwich looks amazing.

  4. Mellissa says:

    The vegetable puff looks so delicious! I very rarely make the same thing twice, I am always finding something new that looks interesting.

  5. Love the idea of a roasted vegetable puff and can’t wait to try it! I made three different kinds of roasted veggies last night, and while each was delicious on its own, I can only imagine that they’d be heavenly with puff pastry 🙂

  6. I have a hard time going a day without my oats, too 😀 But WOW, grilled cream cheese? I really, really, really want to try that out! Might have to try that this weekend! Especially since good vegan cheese doesn’t exist, but good vegan cream cheese is everywhere. And stuff in a puff pastry? Can’t go wrong with that. I get stuck making the same thing a lot–but I agree, there are just too many good recipes to try, my list of “to-makes” is a mile long.

    • sarah says:

      me to- make lost is long too!!

      and I’ve never has vegan cream cheese, but my only two experiences w/ vegan cheese were NOT good. now I’m wary of anything but the real stuff.

  7. KellyB says:

    Wow. That roasted vegetable puff looks amazing! Def gonna give it a try. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  8. Bri says:

    I’m a fan of breakfast at every meal 😉 And those vegetable puffs look pretty amazing and really simple.. thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love that puff pastry idea! So brilliant and looks delicious!

  10. That grilled cheese sounds like an amazing combo for sure! Love cream cheese and smoked salmon together but never thought about making a panini out of it! And those veggie pockets look great…so versatile!

    I definitely can get hung up on something I love and eat it everyday for a straight week…but then I usually find something else to become “enamored” with and move on!

    Happy WIAW!!

  11. wow I wish I could switch it up a little bit. While I do always have something typically breakfasty for breakfast, sometimes I wish I could break the rut and have a breakfast thing for lunch. I never do for dinner, but rarely. I’m going to change this somehow, it would give me more flexability.
    wow that veg puff looks so good!! I love roasted veg.
    I always eat favourites again and again but I put space between them because I don’t want to overdo it and get sick of something I love.

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