50 days of the little things

have you guys heard about julie‘s 50 days of little things?

you should check out her blog for the details, but basically, from october 6 until thanksgiving (november 24), anyone and everyone is invited to take note of the little things making you happy each day. that equals 50 days of being aware of those little things that can sometimes be forgotten in our high-paced, stressful lives or when we’re not feeling very positive.

julie has been posting her “little things” blog series for a long time now, and she takes reader submissions, too!

right when i started blogging, i thought it was such a great idea, and i sent her in this submission. i was so excited when she published my submission!

here’s how i’m going to keep track of my little things.

i was inspired by this idea from young house love.

and it was the project i mentioned last weekend. it didn’t turn out exactly right….i wanted the etching to say “little things ♥”…

but i didn’t leave the etching cream on the “little” part long enough, so i was left wight a very faint “things ♥” on the bottom of the glass.

can you see it?!

it’s not perfect, but i kind of like that it is very vague and says “things”. after this project, i can put whatever “things” in the jar that i want! 🙂

i found some cute grey and blue scrapbook paper at target, which i cut into squares to write each day’s little thing on.

i love this project & i’m so happy julie invited everyone to participate!!


here are my first four days of little things.

  • a refrigerator full of produce & the smell of roasting tomatoes
  • being home after a long week of travel
  • possibilities for the weekend
  • watching our sports teams WIN! (that was from last night….!)

i asked brad if he wanted to do this project and write a little thing each day too. he said “i’m just thankful for you”. awww.

(sorry if that made you want to barf… 😉 )


want to participate in the 50 days of little things?? it’s not too late to start! just check out julie’s page and join in!


what little thing is making you happy today?

today i’m thankful for my flexible schedule, which lets me work from home on brad’s day off so i can spend some extra time with him!

(it helps that i get up at 5:30 and he wakes up after 11 on his days off….i have quite a few uninterrupted work hours in the morning!)

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to 50 days of the little things

  1. Deb Sieracki says:

    I’m thankful for you and your blog. It makes me not miss you quite so much .

  2. Love your Little Things jar! That’s awesome!! Today I’m thankful for new friends at work! I’m going to a fitness class after work with some co-workers.

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