fashion (ish) friday + orlando recap

happy friday! i know i’ve only been in the lab two days this week, but i’ve been “on” all week at the conference and i am so ready for the weekend!

since i wear jeans and a sweatshirt or my uniform most days, i took advantage of having to “dress up” (aka not look like i just rolled out of bed) at the conference and took photos of my outfits so i could show you guys that i actually do sometimes put some effort into my appearance.

here’s what i wore in orlando!

fashion friday

i followed some tips on packing/outfit planning while traveling and chose to go with outfits that went with blacks as opposed to khaki/brown. i brought 3 “bottoms” that i rotated through for the 5 days of the conference (obviously i forgot to take a photo on monday!). my color palette was mostly black, white, & grey with a splash of color or a fun accessory thrown in each day.

p.s. i am obsessed with the scarf that i wore on tuesday. i wore it on both travel days too (so nice to have to cover up with on the plane) and i’m wearing it today! it’s from h&m a year or two ago.


other conference happenings

we stayed at the orlando world center marriott.


the rooms were very acceptable – i loved that we had a balcony!


and it had a pretty good fitness center, especially for a hotel!

it was a very nice hotel, but i didn’t love that it was so self-contained. there was not much that was in walking distance from the hotel/conference center, so we had to take cabs to leave, which got expensive quickly!

the one day that i did venture out (i played hooky from the conference on monday afternoon…shhhh!), my friend/labmate and i went to downtown disney! 🙂

we were excited to get outside and experience sunlight (as opposed to windowless conference rooms with blue lighting that made my eyes go crazy).

downtown disney was just ok though. it was full of restaurants/food vendors and souvenir shops. we popped into each shop and browsed.


by far our favorite was legoland.


apparently i’m just a dorky kid at heart! 😉

we also popped into the ghirardelli shop for a sweet treat. we got to sample their pumpkin flavored chocolate squares – yum.


but that didn’t even compare to this beast. a strawberry sundae. insane. i don’t even want to know how many calories were in that thing, but i loved every one of them!

we walked around a bit more and then hit up bongos for our only non-conference center meal of the week.

bongos is a cuban restaurant, so i told my friend that i wanted to try things i couldn’t get somewhere else. we had great service – our waiter, tony, was wonderful!


we tried a steak salad, ham croquettes, and yucca with mojo sauce (unphotographed).

it was my first time trying croquettes and yucca and i loved both! i really enjoyed eating at bongos and would love to take brad there if we ever make it down to disney. i’m sure he’d love some of the other cuban entrees that were offered!

Bongo's Cuban Café on Urbanspoon

after dinner, we decided to head back to the hotel to prepare for the next full day of sessions & networking!

overall, i had a great time in orlando. when brad and i go back (maybe with a little one or two!) we’ll definitely stay in a hotel within the park and try to get out and explore a bit more. it would have been so nice to be able to rent a car or something so we weren’t dependent on taxis.


whew! ok, i think i can move on from orlando recaps now. 🙂

good thing, because i’m going to concentrate on enjoying madison this weekend! we have some fun plans. 🙂

  • trying a new (to us) restaurant tonight
  • farmers market on saturday morning (just me – brad will be working)
  • red mango to meet jessica (finally) saturday evening
  • out downtown with friends on saturday
  • apple picking (!!!) on sunday morning
  • lots of apple cooking sunday afternoon (i’m thinking apple butter, apple sauce…pie?)

i can’t wait!!!


what should i make with my apples on sunday?

have you ever been to orlando/disney?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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9 Responses to fashion (ish) friday + orlando recap

  1. Mellissa says:

    Since I was there at the same time as you, I know how hard it was to be “stuck” I walked everywhere I could and got sick of the same thing over and over. I would rent a car if I ever went back for a personal trip.

    • sarah says:

      i can’t believe we were there at the same time! i guess when i was reading your recaps i thought you had been there the week before me or something! it was such a pain though. i guess tourism is such an industry down there that they just exploit any way they can to make money from tourists – even making things almost un-walkable to we have to pay for transportation. grr…

      next time we’re both in the same place (manitowoc?) we should definitely meet up. :

  2. I was in Orlando for work this past summer and we drove into downtown disney one night – the place I stayed at was a HUGE resort and pretty much had everything you could ever need in it so I was content staying there but I know what you mean – it is nice to be able to walk. Downtown Disney in CA is a little better I think. 🙂

    • sarah says:

      i was in anaheim for a conference a couple years ago and i could kick myself for not going to downtown disney! it was even walkable from my hotel! it was my first conference though, and i was scared of missing anything, haha.

  3. LOVE all your outfits! so stylish!! have a GREAT WEEKEND!! xoxo

  4. I wish I could go apple picking with you!! I have a ten mile run though that will not wait. Can’t wait to meet you Saturday!! 😀 Happy Friday!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Hooray for Madison! I’m hoping to go to Red Mango Saturday night too, so maybe I’ll see you there! I just went apple picking this week and definitely need to do some apple related baking this weekend too.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I grew up in Orlando :). In actual Orlando, though, not anywhere near the attractions. I was going to tell you… I met Julie Mares on Wednesday. She came to a presentation I gave for work. Have a fun weekend. I’m home sick so I’m not sure how much fun mine is going to be.

    • sarah says:

      i didn’t realized you were from florida. brrr, i think i’d have a hard time with wisconsin winters if i wasn’t used to them!!

      that’s cool that you met julie. i know your research is kind of related to each others! 🙂

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