wonderful husband award

hey everyone! oh my, it feels wonderful to be back home. 🙂 i love travelling and exploring new places (not that much of that happened while i was at the conference), but i do love being at home with my little family in our little apartment. ♥

speaking of my wonderful little family, brad won some major husband points last night! i was actually having a conversation with my friend from lab who attended the conference with me about how i was dreading making dinner when i arrived home. i was supposed to get home around 7:30, but figured i’d beat brad home, and he was being tricky and asked me what we were having for dinner when i talked to him earlier.

but, when i walked in the door, the lights were on, brad was home, and a wonderful dinner was cooking away!

brad was disappointed i was home a bit earlier than i thought – he was planning a candlelight dinner, but it still had to cook for 30 more minutes! i was ok with it though – it smelled delicious!

tuna steak with bread and wine

(sorry about the awful photos – i was just way too tired and hungry to make it look pretty)

he grilled tuna steaks with some seasonings (not sure what he all used), got fresh bread and served up some olive oil + balsamic vinegar + parmesan to dip it in, and of course wine on the side!

tuna steak with spaghetti squash

he also made some delicious squash roasted in garlic and oil? butter? with parmesan cheese. it was delicious! he was told to use “winter squash” for it, and apparently, when he went to the store, all of the winter squash, including butternut, acorn, and spaghetti were all in the same bin. he grabbed a spaghetti squash and cubed it for this recipe! i’ve only eaten spaghetti squash in its “noodle” form before, so when he described the kind of squash he used, i was a bit nervous – but it was good!

it was so amazing to have him getting dinner ready for me when i got home! i was able to unpack the necessities (the rest is waiting for me when i’m done with work today…) and get into my sweats and then it was dinner time!

i feel like it’s monday at work right now (except for the fact that i was at a work conference for the past 6 days…) but it’s thursday, yay! i have one or two more little recaps from the conference to do, but that will have to wait until tomorrow or later today – i need to get busy at work!


giveaway winners

thanks to everyone who entered the joy bauer cookbook giveaway!

the winner of slim & scrumptious is:

number 5


number 5: jenn!


the winner of food cures is:

number 8

sherri lynn

number 8: sherri lynn!

my quinoa-loving winners, please email me by sunday, october 9 so i can get those cookbooks sent out! (learningsarah@gmail.com)


are you a quinoa lover?

i do enjoy quinoa every now and then, but i think i enjoy most whole grains equally! 🙂 i love quinoa, rice, farro, cous cous, etc. yum! i’m an equal opportunity grain eater.

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to wonderful husband award

  1. bahahaha so funny that we both mentioned quinoa! and obv we know you’re a huge fan too =) yay! I’m so excited I won! Totally didn’t expect to!!!! eee! I’ll shoot you an email in a few! MWAH!!!!!


  2. yay for husbands cooking!!! love it

  3. Mac says:

    What a sweetheart, he does win some kind of award!

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