change it up

i am happy to report that my throat feels almost 100% better! 🙂 i guess all of the tea + honey and nasty salt water gargling worked!

it probably also helped that i took hefty doses of nyquil to ensure full nights of sleep the past two nights. whatever works!

i mentioned yesterday that my day started off on the wrong foot with a cranky bus-seatmate. well, i think i turned the day around pretty quickly! i changed up my breakfast, which is always fun, but something i don’t do often.


a larabar + apple with kombucha (homemade, but bottled in an old gt’s bottle!). yeah yeah, i know it’s not that exciting, but for this girl who’s breakfasts always look like this:


oats day in & out with no changes – it’s a big deal!



lunch was also a treat!


leftover roasted potatoes, cottage cheese, and another apple (we have an abundance of apples in our fridge right now…). those potatoes are going to be brought back into the normal rotation. i used to make potato fries/chips/etc. for dinner all the time, but i somehow fell out of that habit recently. not anymore!

i had an afternoon full of seminars + meetings, but when i got on the bus to head home, i decided it was the bus gods’ way of apologizing for my crappy ride in the morning.


i love empty bus rides! fewer stops to let people off means we move along faster, and i got my own seat! it’s the little things, right?!



i got home and threw together a quick dinner.

sweet potato fries on the side. the main dish was a recipe that i tried from a cookbook i’ll be reviewing soon – stay tuned for my thoughts on that…

brad and i watched the office (!!!) and laughed so hard: “chins up, pam” and planking?!? we were dying.

capone wanted to have some fun too.

he loves his daddy.

i do too, capone! 🙂



my boss just left town for two weeks, so this will definitely be a true test of my motivation. 😉 good thing i’ve got plenty of projects to keep me busy! today i’ll be finishing up a presentation that i’m giving tomorrow morning at my high school guidance counselor’s garden club district meeting. i’m finalizing my presentation, prepping the visual aids, and printing handouts today. it’ll be a busy one!


do you use public transportation?

any thoughts to share on it?

university students & employees get free bus passes, which is so awesome! but sometimes bus rides are just a huge hassle. if you try to take a bus at the wrong time you’ll end up packed in so tightly and sometimes there isn’t even parking at the transfer point. that’s one of the reasons i like coming in to work so early – the early buses are much emptier & more pleasant! 🙂


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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7 Responses to change it up

  1. To quote Sheryl Crow (actually, it might not have been her, but I’m going with it): “a change’ll do you good!” 😉

  2. I didn’t own a car until I moved to Madison. For the 5 years I lived in Milwaukee, I relied on the bus and my two feet. I miss it sometimes because it was soooo cheap! haha. It is nice to not have to take my groceries on a bus with me though. No more melted ice cream!

    I think we need to have a booch making session. I want to make my own kombucha!

  3. Chelsea says:

    I live super close to where I work so I bike from the minute it thaws to the minute it freezes again. I don’t like riding the bus, but I need it during the winter, and that’s when it’s most packed/hot/smelly/late.

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