wedding recap: photos and shots were taken

time for another wedding recap! 🙂 just want you were wanting, huh?!?

in case you missed them, here are my previous recaps:

i’m so happy that i’m doing these recaps. i already have fun going back and looking at them! i can only imagine how great they’ll be after more time has passed!

(again, all photos in this post were taken from my friend katie’s facebook. she and her husband have a photography business and take awesome photos. we’re so lucky that terry was able to snap some great photos from our wedding day in addition to the ones that our photographer took, especially since i want to do my recaps now, and we don’t have our other photos yet! ;) )

ok, so, we left off at the end of the ceremony with the longest receiving line ever! (i realize that’s surely an exaggeration – it felt long though!)

when the church cleared out and people headed to the cocktail hour at my mom & stepdad’s house, we headed to the front of church to take the family photos: brad and me with my family, with his family, with grandparents, godfathers/readers, etc.

mom me brad jamie in church

after the more traditional family shots, we busted out of the church. there was another wedding after ours at 4pm (we left right at 3pm…), and we wanted to get partying with our friends anyway! 🙂

brad and i on bus

our whole wedding party plus their significant others piled onto a school bus to go take photos.

becky tim

we had plenty of fun riding around on the bus!


we packed a cooler with plenty of drinks: beer for the guys and little wine juice boxes + skinny girl margaritas for the ladies!

kel pete

i also made some snacks ahead of time: cream cheese/veggie roll ups, sliced cheese, and some carrots + dip. (guess which was the only thing left at the end….).

liz keith

we were having a blast on the bus, but we arrived at a nearby park very quick to take some photos!

bridal party - bus

our photographer is amazing and so much fun (she’s also my good friend from kindergarten & elementary school – go check out her website here! you might even see some photos of us!) and decided to have us pose on the bus.

me brad bus

the bus driver was totally into it and loved that we took these pictures!

feet - bus

after a few photos on the bus, we moved over to an awesome spot with rocks and pretty scenery.

bridal party - rocks

shanna got photos of the whole wedding party.

bridal party - rocks 2

as well as guys-only.

boys - rocks

and girls-only photos!


seriously, this was such a fun part of the day.

girls with flowers

we were just laughing and joking around.

girls - flowers

and of course we busted out the mustaches again!

girls - mustaches

those things did not get old.

girls - mustaches 2

after our wedding party was smiled out, we headed over to the beach area to take some pictures of just brad and me.

volley ball

while we were off on our own, our wedding party played an impromptu game of beach volleyball! 🙂 one of the groomsmen split his pants at this point (don’t worry, his mom fixed them!).

me and liz

then i took a picture with each bridesmaid alone and brad did the same with his groomsmen.

at this point, we hopped back on the bus and went to my and brad’s favorite bar to visit when we’re home – chewy’s! we were running late, so we only had a minute there, but it was long enough to enjoy a delicious blue moon shot with our wedding party!

then we were off to the reception….which is going to wait for another post! 🙂


do you like taking shots?

i don’t do it very often, but when i do, i like girly ones! the blue moon one is so delicious!

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to wedding recap: photos and shots were taken

  1. Loving the wedding recaps!

  2. love the school bus pics! also love that you got beach pictures!!! never would have expected that!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love your colors! The flowers are beautiful too! Congrats on the wedding. 🙂

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