back to normal?

i feel like i haven’t really done a “recap of yesterday” kind of post in a long time. i used to post that way most of the time, but lately i’ve had so many other kinds of posts to write: wedding recaps, recaps of my friend’s weddings, reviews, etc. i want to get back to normal! Smile

so, what is normal now that i’m back in the lab and brad’s working? let me tell you about yesterday…

5:15am: alarm goes off – no snoozes in september (15 days in and i’m still going strong!!!) – take temperature, get up, shower, get dressed

5:45am: feed capone and let him outside to do his business

6:00am: pack up work bag with lunch, water bottle, coffee, etc. and depart apartment

6:30am: ride bus

7:00am: arrive at work, settle in: check email, check a couple blogs, blog if i didn’t do it the night before…

sometime between 8 and 9am: get hungry & eat breakfast!


i actually changed up my breakfast yesterday! brown rice crisps with almond milk did the trick!

9am-1pm: work work work. some days i have seminars at 11 or noon, but yesterday i just worked away at my desk. i’m giving a presentation to a garden club next weekend and at a huge work conference in 2.5 weeks, so those have been keeping me busy.

1pm: eat lunch


this hodge-podge lunch was awesome!! the grapes especially did it for me. i love grapes! why haven’t i bought any all summer until now??

1:30-3:30ish: work work work…

3:30-6pm: yesterday we had our department picnic to welcome new graduate students and catch up after everyone’s busy summers. it was nice to see everyone! i helped set up at 3:30 and then snuck out at 6 to catch one of the last “rush hour” buses! *usually i’m home around this time and can squeeze in workouts, walks for capone, meal prep, and cleaning during this time!

6ish: ride bus and drive home

7ish: arrive home, take capone out (don’t worry, brad comes home at lunch to play with him and take him out), start dinner, clean up apartment, cuddle with the puppy


wait for brad to get home…

7:30-8pm: brad gets home! eat dinner right away. usually while watching tv – yes, we’re bad. that will change once we have kids! no tv during dinner was a rule when i was little and i think it was a good one! but i digress….

8-10pm: blog, read blogs, pack lunch/breakfast for next day, play with capone, do work if i didn’t get everything done in lab…

10pm: bed! Smile yes. i am a grandma and i am 100% ok with it! honestly, i’m usually in bed and reading by 9:30 and i like it that way.


what’s your schedule like?

are you an early to bed, early to rise kind of lady like me?

what are your work hours like?

i’m lucky that my work schedule is so flexible! i choose to go in early so i can leave on the early side. but, if i have to go in a little later than usual for some reason, it’s no problem and i just stay a little later. it all works out!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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10 Responses to back to normal?

  1. Your breakfast looks just like my late night snack! haha. Erewhon brown rice cereal? You are my hero! No snooze for 15 days AND you are up 5:15? Amazing!! I’ve been staying up far too late. I really should get up when you do so I can get my workouts in BEFORE work. Maybe next week. Although, I’ve been saying next week for months!

  2. Liz says:

    Who is this lady? All summer I offered you yummy breakfasts on sunday but you wouldnt change it.. and now that you do .. rice crispies? I mean they are good, but come on! 🙂 Hehe

  3. i agree with the no tv during dinner. that was our rule growing up too…but hubby was the opposite and they always ate in front of the tv so we constantly fight about it

  4. I’m a late to bed, late to rise kind of gal. Luckily, my boss is cool with me rolling into work around 8:30. I typically leave work around 6pm. Here’s the kicker though…I also go to bed at 10pm because I need an insane amount of sleep.

  5. Mellissa says:

    I am a creature of habit, I try to get up around 6ish and be in bed by 10. I am not a night person at all!

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