andrea & mike’s wedding weekend

hello, friends!

whew! i wasn’t sure if i’d get to post today at all. brad just updated our computer to windows 7, so i spent quite a bit of time this morning re-downloading windows live writer and re-learning how to function on this computer.

then, i wanted to head to the dmv to be there when it opened since today is name change day!!! Smile that mission was a success. i am now mrs. sarah rose (maiden name) (married name). hooray!

check off another 101 in 1001 item…


anyway, today i wanted to tell you about my friend andrea’s wedding this past weekend. i was a bridesmaid and i loved being able to share in their special day.

the wedding festivities started with a bridesmaids (plus moms) lunch on friday! we ate at the wild truffle in appleton. um. yum. i got the soup plus salad combo.


a roasted beet salad and wild mushroom soup. seriously, there was not a bit left on my plate or in my bowl. it was a delicious lunch!

then, the bridesmaids headed off to a spa to get mani/pedi’s!


i went with a dark grey on my fingers.


and a very dark red/purple on my toes!

(two mani/pedi’s within two weeks – who am i?!?)

after being pampered, we checked into our hotel and primped for the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. the dinner was at the harry houdini museum in appleton (did you know that houdini was from appleton, wi? cool, huh?), which was a very cool venue.

dinner was set up with different stations, each of which had a couple different foods to choose from. i loved the stuffed mushrooms, potato skins, drunken noodles, and amazing fresh fruit platters (i think i ate half of the pineapple on a tray!).


they also had an open bar, so of course, i had several glasses of cabernet. it was going down too easy! Smile

after dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get our beauty sleep.


saturday we were up bright and early to get ready! my friend from lab, m, who was also a bridesmaid, and i went to a coffee shop down the street for breakfast.


i had two large coffees and a delicious fruit bowl to start my morning! i also ate a larabar at the hair salon a little later.


all of the girls had appointments at a salon to get our hair done! then, we went to the bride’s parents’ house for lunch, and then hopped on a bus to head to the church!

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 001

at the church, we just got ready and hung out. the bride looked absolutely beautiful.


and after not too many hiccups, the wedding got going!


it was such a nice ceremony.


one of the groomsmen gave the sermon, which included some fun “friends” quotes… “giving and receiving as well as having and sharing…” it was such a great message and it was such a nice personal touch. Smile

once they were pronounced husband & wife, the wedding party headed outside to take some photos.


and i spent that whole time trying to keep the heals of my shoes from sinking into the grass. bummer…


then we all loaded back onto the bus for some drinking and fun!

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 019

we went to a bar on the way to the reception location.

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 006

it was definitely a fun group.

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 008

after everyone had enough drinks, we went to the reception venue, the waters, in oshkosh, wi.

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 026

it was a beautiful venue. so of course more photos were taken!

then more drinks were imbibed…

2011-09-10 2011-09-12 001 032

and that’s all of the photographic evidence of the night that i was able to capture!

andrea and mike are such a great couple and i know they are going to have an amazing life together. their wedding day was a perfect start to it!   Red heart


and that’s the end of wedding season for brad and me this year – thank goodness! i’m ready for things to slow down a little!


now that summer is over, does your schedule slow down at all?

mine doesn’t really… this weekend brad and i are going to a bluegrass festival, i have to speak at a meeting next weekend, the following weekend i’m heading to orlando for 6 days for a school/work conference. whew! i think after that things might slow down a little. maybe.

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to andrea & mike’s wedding weekend

  1. Cute photos love the grey nail polish!

  2. Briana says:

    Oh my, you looked gorgeous! And I loved the bridesmaids dresses, very pretty.

    And a bluegrass festival?! Have a great time, I’m jealous, my favorite kind of music!

    • sarah says:

      thank you! the dresses were from j.crew and we could pick which one we wanted out of 4 choices.

      i love bluegrass too! i’m sad that this is the only festival brad and i are making it to this summer. they’re so so much fun!

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