eddie’s alehouse

today one of my good friends is getting married & i’m a bridesmaid in her wedding! 🙂 instead of blogging while i’m away this weekend, i have a fun restaurant review for you today. enjoy!


a couple weeks ago, my friend from lab and i both snapped up a groupon for $20 of food & drinks at eddie’s alehouse in sun prairie. she had been there a couple times before and kept telling me that brad and i would love it!

well, we met her and her husband there for dinner and she was right – we really enjoyed it!

what makes eddie’s so special is that they have many beers on tap and 99+ beers available in bottles.

we were ready to try it all!

i kind of fail as a blogger here though – i waited too long to write this review and i forgot what beers we got! 😦

i know i tried a stout and brad got a beer that we both really liked called dirty old man (yes, we ordered it just because of the name!).

liz ordered sweet potato fries and let me try one!

they were very good!

brad got the friday night fish fry (sorry no picture). he liked it!

and i got a burger: the johnny burger

1/3 pound hamburger with bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar, and onion straws


not healthy at all.

but  so delicious. 🙂 i’m a sucker for anything with onion straws!

in general, eddie’s strength is their beer – they have a lot of options, which is so fun for a beer-lover!

their food is good, but it’s definitely bar food.

i know we’ll go back to eddie’s in the future! it’s super close to our apartment, so that alone is a huge plus!

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do you like bar food?

every now and then, it really hits the spot for me! 🙂 i definitely take care to make sure it doesn’t happen too often though.

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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2 Responses to eddie’s alehouse

  1. Chelsea says:

    I’m not a huge bar food fan, but I do really like onion rings. I get them maybe twice a year, and they are always a treat.

  2. HAIRSTON says:

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