lazy labor day weekend

usually labor day weekend is filled with family, grill-outs, and football, right?

well, ours definitely had some football (and baseball), but that’s about it.

we were so lazy this weekend! although, our one “big” plan fell through because of our poor little capone.

capone laying on bed

he seems to be doing better already and he is soaking up all of the pampering. he’s not usually allowed on our bed, but since he’s not feeling well, we’re making an exception! the towel is there so protect the duvet cover from any blood from his neck… he took a little nappy with me yesterday! 🙂

despite our laziness this weekend, brad and i did eat well!

i took advantage of our lack of plans to try out some new recipes that had been calling my name from the starred section of my google reader.


first up, i made some delicious hot oats in a jar since our cashew butter was almost gone. (ok, this wasn’t a starred recipe in my reader, but i love oats in a jar and haven’t had them in a long time!)

hot oats in a jar on green speckled pot holder

i also changed things up a bit by using coconut milk and frozen blueberries instead of very berry cherry.

hot oats in a jar on a green speckled pot holder

i know. i’m so adventurous. 😉

this also just made me realize that our peanut butter is almost gone and i need to whip some up tonight!


next up was a slightly more exciting breakfast.

mini quiche cups

i found another recipe involving won tons from jenn! this time it was mini quiche cups.

you can check out her blog for the method. i didn’t use quite the same plan of attack though.

basically, her recipe suggest using one won ton per muffin hole in a mini muffin pan. well, i only have large muffin pans, so i used two won tons per muffin hole (is that the correct terminology?) – easy switch!

empty won ton shells in muffin pan

i baked the cups for a couple minutes as jenn suggested.

then, i sauteed together diced red onion, mushrooms, and spinach and put some in the bottom of each cup.

won ton shell with sauteed veggies

then i added tomato basil feta and about 2 tbsp of egg mixture (i mixed two whole eggs, about 1/4 cup egg white substitute, and 2 tbsp coconut milk) to each cup and baked them.

won tons with eggs, cheese, and veggies in them

about two minutes before they were done, i removed them from the oven and added a slice of tomato and a bit of shredded monteray jack. then back in the oven on lo broil for a couple minutes and there you go!

baked mini quiche cup in pan

delicious mini quiches.

breakfast - mini quiches and coffee

i had a little bit of leftover eggs and veggies and didn’t feel like pre-baking more won tons, so i just made little naked quiche muffins with no shell!

mini quiche muffins

they were almost as delicious, but i did enjoy the crunch of the won ton shell better.

coffee in scarlet red jumbo mug fiestaware

breakfast is always better when served with a massive mug of coffee, right?

whole breakfast - mini quiches and coffee

brad likes to sleep in on weekends, so i got to enjoy all of this about 3 hours before he woke up! 🙂


finally, for dinner on sunday night, i whipped up some of jessica’s healthy onion rings to go with the creamy buffalo chicken crisps!

healthy baked onion rings

i actually enjoyed making these!

usually i am not a fan of breading things since my fingers get all gross and goopy, but these weren’t bad.

breaded onion rings on pan

and it definitely helped that the onions soaking in buttermilk overnight made the refrigerator smell incredible. seriously.

onions soaking in buttermilk

brad even asked what smelled so good when i opened the fridge!

healthy baked onion rings in lemongrass fiestaware serving dish

they were a delicious accompaniment to the rest of dinner.

dinner: onion rings, snap peas, buffalo won tons, and celery

i would eat that whole meal again! yum.


 i hope you all have a great first day of a 4-day work-week! 🙂 woohoo! this is actually a 3-day work week for me because i’m leaving friday morning for a wedding that i’m a bridesmaid in on saturday. friday we’re having a bit of bridesmaid bonding & pampering, so i’m excited!


what was the best thing you ate this labor day weekend?

i think jessica’s buffalo chicken pasta bake was the best thing we at all weekend (and it went unblogged – for shame…).

what was the laziest thing you did all weekend?

watching 3 hours of dance moms on monday morning was definitely the laziest (and most embarrassing) thing i did all weekend.


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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10 Responses to lazy labor day weekend

  1. Chelsea says:

    Best thing I ate all weekend… probably the tomato basil sandwiches we had on Saturday night. Love those things! The laziest thing I did was tons of reading. I love laying on the couch with a good novel.

  2. bahahaha we love dance moms 🙂 those quiches look awesome. i’m busting out the wontons today!

  3. I can’t pick just one delicious thing so I will pick two – cheese curds from the Old Fashioned and a cookie dough egg roll from Bluephies! 🙂

  4. Grace says:

    Sleeping in until 10 was the laziest thing I did and I think calm chowder might have been the best thing I ate, and I ate it twice this weekend!

  5. Yum! I want to buy wontons now to make lots of treats! 🙂 You inspired me! Nothing lazy! SOOOO busy! laziest thing all weekend was not cook breakfast saturday morning and we went out.. but that was planned! 🙂

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