wedding recap: the rehearsal

so, i’ve decided it’s time to begin the wedding recap posts!

i’m going to be breaking this down into quite a few posts… there is so much i want to remember for myself – and maybe you guys are interested? maybe?

oh well, if wedding babble makes you nauseous, feel free to skip these posts! 🙂


let’s start at the beginning!

well, not the beginning. this is really the beginning. 🙂

fast forward 1.5 years, and it was time for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

our wedding party and their significant others, parents, pastor, singers (family friends!), violinist, organist (my aunt!), and my aunt & uncle (my uncle had to miss the ceremony for work, so he came to the rehearsal instead!) were invited to attend the rehearsal and the dinner afterward.


we all arrived (mostly) on time, and we got to work figuring out the ceremony details. pastor kim led us in a prayer and welcomed everyone to the church.

pastor kim at wedding rehearsal

then he asked brad and i to get up and introduce everyone. we had so many people come from out of town just to be at our wedding! people came from:

  • california
  • new york
  • chicago
  • minneapolis
  • boston
  • dc
  • memphis
  • hawaii
  • st. louis
  • and lots of other places around wisconsin & the midwest

we felt so lucky!


after everyone knew everyone, we practiced entering s-l-o-w-l-y.

brad and michele entering at rehearsal

and then we practiced again!

liz and nick entering at rehearsal

we also went through the ceremony and made sure we knew when music would happen, when to pass off my flowers, etc.

mom jamie and i entering at wedding rehearsal

and then we went through everything one more time!

brad and i exiting at wedding rehearsal

once we were all comfortable with the plan and knew what we had to do, we headed out to port sandy bay – a pizza place near the church – for our rehearsal dinner.


dinner was really casual. brad and i thanked everyone for all of their hard work and for being in our wedding. then we handed out the wedding party gifts. {oops, i just realized that i didn’t take pictures of the gifts…}

we gave the girls necklaces to wear for the wedding, and the guys got flasks and flask funnels. everyone seemed to like their gifts! 🙂 we really really wished we could give more, and it was so hard not to buy more for our friends, but we stuck to our budget, which i’m proud of!

after all of the talking, people grabbed pizza and drinks and we just hung out and chatted with our friends for a couple hours.

me and liz and rehearsal dinner

it was really nice and a fun way to relax and spend some time with our friends before the craziness of the wedding day.

most of our wedding party was staying at fox hills – our reception venue – so after dinner, brad headed back there with his boys, and i went there to meet some of my girls for one quick glass of wine before bed!

me & becky at fox hills (me & becky – one of my bridesmaids – at fox hills)

i hadn’t seen one of my bridesmaids, d, since we graduated from wash u in 2008. i wanted to soak up every single second with her! but, at about 11pm, i went back to my mom’s house for the night (and snuggled with liz). 🙂 i had to get my beauty sleep for the next day!

and i guess that’s all for the night before the wedding! wedding day posts might be delayed until we get photos back from our photographer….maybe!


for those who have been in a wedding before, where did you go for the rehearsal dinner?

fancy? casual?

i”ve only been in two other weddings before and both of the rehearsal dinners were super casual – and i had so much fun at both of them! that’s how we decided to make ours casual too!

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6 Responses to wedding recap: the rehearsal

  1. The wedding rehearsal dinners i’ve been to have been fancy/casual. one had a buffet but we had to wear nice clothes, and the other was a fancy dinner and we wore dresses and clothes like that 🙂 Great recap girlie!!

  2. love your dress! and liz’s. our rehearsal dinner was planned by my mother in law and it was at a country club. it was super fun with a big slideshow and cute autumn decor that matched all our wedding stuff!

  3. Dorry says:

    so much fun! And you look beautiful. 🙂 I’ve been to many weddings, and the rehearsal dinners have ranged from very casual to super fancy – I think the important part is spending time with all of the people closest to the bride and groom!

  4. Dana says:

    This is so cute!!! I loved every single second of seeing you! Most beautiful bride I could imagine…xoxo

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