warning: wedding post

who’s sick of hearing about wedding stuff yet?!

not me!! yesterday i spent all day doing work on wedding-related things. it was kind of crazy. i got a couple cute projects done though – want to see?!

first, i saw some awesome photos of a candy buffet on one of lisa’s posts after she went to a friend’s wedding and it inspired me to make some cute labels for our candies just like her friend did.

i am in love. 🙂

also, since we’re having 5 different flavors of cupcakes for dessert, i wanted to have a way to label the different flavors for our guests, so i made these little tags.

i am going to write the flavor of cupcake/frosting on the white space and then color the cupcake bottom and frosting to match the different flavors – no two flavors will look alike – so that people can tell which flavor is which.

[by the way, i can’t even tell you how proud i am of myself for drawing those cupcakes – i am really art/creativity-challenged, so this is huge for me!]

i also spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about my hair for the wedding. i haven’t had my hair trial yet (it’s on tuesday…), so i need to get some good ideas quickly!

what i want:

  • all hair up
  • side part where i always part it
  • low gathering of hair near my neck – not sure if i want a bun/curls/etc.

here are some of my inspiration photos…

(all photos from theknot.com)

i don’t know what to do! i also have a fascinator that i want to wear after the ceremony (potentially all day) and a veil to wear during the ceremony. it’s to hard to make decisions like this!

i have some more wedding stuff to do today, and then i’m heading home to manitowoc tonight to spend the next week taking care of details that need to be done from there. i’m seriously bummed though because brad has to work all next week and i won’t see him until late thursday night. 😦

oh, by the way – 8 days!!!


i’ll be back tomorrow with a non-wedding-related post (i promise!). it’s actually a little ridiculous to me how all-consuming wedding planning has become in the past couple days. i guess it’s definitely crunch time!


which of the hair styles do you like the best?

any suggestions?

want to punch me in the face for talking about my wedding so much?

it’s ok – i kind of do too…

are you naturally creative/artsy?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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13 Responses to warning: wedding post

  1. i love the 4th picture. i LOVE your cupcakes. and i love that you’re labeling your candy. at the wedding we just went to non of the candy was labeled and i didn’t know what some of it was.
    ps. i’m looking for a pic of the candy table but i think i was lame and didn’t take one 😦

  2. lapiattini says:

    I really like those hair styles- it’s hard to choose. The fourth one down is the same on I bookmarked on the knot for my wedding so it gets my vote!

  3. Love the last picture! I had my trial two weeks ago – so fun!! 🙂
    I’m very impressed with your cupcake labels – good work!

  4. oooh i’m loving the hair style choice! the fourth one down is my favorite 😀 the braid isn’t too tight, just loose and casual yet romantic. the labels are cute! I love hearing about wedding plans 😉

  5. Kelsey says:

    those tags will be adorable for the guests’ cupcakes!
    ohh and a beautiful flower in the hair- yes yes yes 🙂

  6. Kelsey says:

    btw go for the 4th or 5th!! ❤

  7. Chelsea says:

    I have absolutely no artistic ability so I think your cupcakes look great. I love hearing about wedding plans, too. It’s such an exciting time!

    • Sarah says:

      thanks, chelsea! i feel like i’m being all wedding wedding wedding around here. i don’t want to annoy everyone but it is all i think about! only 5 days left for those who are sick of it! 🙂

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