calm before the not-so-calm?

we had a little change of plans yesterday. my amazing fiance saw that i was feeling a little stressed about everything, so he said that if i didn’t think it would work, we could skip bratfest in sheboygan. i was so thankful! i just needed a relaxing weekend at home because the next couple are jam-packed! in the next 3 weekends i have:

  • the last clinic measurement visit for my study
  • the great taste of the midwest (aka an all day beer festival!!)
  • my final wedding dress fitting
  • driving to manitowoc a week before the wedding to start major wedding prep
  • a seemingly infinite list of wedding tasks to complete
  • oh yeah, and our wedding… (!!!)

so instead of go-go-going yesterday…

  • i took a nap/epic snuggle fest with brad and capone
  • i got in a good sweaty workout
  • we actually made a delicious veggie-filled dinner

  • liz and i put the finishing touches on a recent project (it’ll be done tomorrow night – and i’ll tell you all about it then!)

it was perfection. 🙂

now i’m drinking my morning cup (x3) of coffee

and gearing up for writing 20+ more of these from my bridal shower.

i’ve also got plans for an intense body pump workout and later today we’re heading to one of my friend’s apartments. she is from puerto rico and her parents are in town so she’s having all of us over for some traditional puerto rican food and [optional] salsa dancing! 🙂


what are you doing to make today a great day?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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4 Responses to calm before the not-so-calm?

  1. 3 cups of coffee! dang lady! you need to get some energy for that workout!

  2. yikes, girl! busy bee. good luck with everything.

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