25 days

this isn’t a wedding blog, so i try to keep wedding updates to a minimum, but since the wedding is 25 days away (!!), it’s pretty much one of the only things occupying my mind right now!

you can just skip this post if you’re not interested in seeing the recent progress we’ve made on wedding things!

first, if you read liz’s blog, you probably already saw some photos from my bridal shower, but here are a couple that i snapped!


my amazing cakes


the (non-alcoholic) drinks!


the tables - loved the candies sprinkled in the middle


my gift table before guests arrived


the gifts for the guests to take home


it was an awesome bridal shower & i am so thankful to my mom and liz for the wonderful shower! i had a great time & i think all of my friends and family did too! also, all of the calla lilies at the shower were from my mom’s garden. aren’t they amazing?!


we’ve also ordered a couple things we need for the ceremony/reception and some finally arrived recently!

we ordered 36 pillar candles… geez. they’re for the ceremony and the reception. oh, did i mention that candles are expensive?! yikes!


i’ve already mentioned that we’re having a candy buffet at our reception, so we finally got around to ordering some bulk candies for that!

that’s a lotta candy! i hope our guests enjoy it! we had to bring it to manitowoc and leave it at brad’s parents house so no one here would be tempted by it.


one of my projects was to decorate our unity candle for our church ceremony. i started out with these supplies:

and, with a lot of liz’s help, ended up with this!

i love it! i had a really hard time putting the gems on to make the “z” without completely ruining the candle, so liz had to do all of it. but it looks great now! 🙂


i also finally printed the programs and brad helped me fold them all (he actually did most of it!).

i’m glad to check these off the list!


and finally, we made a couple signs to put on the cupcake table and candy buffet, etc.

i hope people don’t eat the cupcakes before dessert! 🙂 the only reason i even thought to do this is because i attended a wedding where the “cake” was a cake of cream puffs and people started taking them off and eating them during the cocktail hour even though they were supposed to be served as dessert after dinner! oops! i don’t want that to happen at our wedding…


we’ve also started to get some wedding gifts in the mail!

love this huge set of blue fiestaware serving dishes!


now i’m off to finish writing thank you’s from the shower and the early wedding gifts!


have you ever witnessed a wedding oops?!

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to 25 days

  1. My cousin’s wedding was at the same venue as the reception (a country club), and people brought drinks from the bar out to the ceremony outside. You could hear glasses clinking throughout the ceremony. Awful!

  2. everything looks great! remember to stay calm and take it all in and ENJOY it! 🙂

  3. I love all of it! Nice work on the candle. You (or Liz) have skills! I’m excited for your final 24 days….

  4. Grace says:

    I haven’t been to many weddings to no oops come into mind but I love all the wedding stuff so keep it coming if you ask me!

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