what i ate [one month before my wedding] wednesday

it’s hump day! seriously, guys. these weeks coming up to our wedding are just flying by! i can’t believe wednesday is already here. today is exactly 1 month til the wedding – eek!

i may not feel prepared for the bid day, yet, but today i am prepared for what i ate wednesday with a full day’s food from yesterday – instagram style! 🙂

i feel like i should start skipping my breakfasts – they are always the same!

rolled oats cooked with a banana, vanilla almond milk, and some ground flaxseed, and topped with trader joe’s very berry cherry blend. (by the way, if you still haven’t tried the very berry cherry blend, do it! it’s the best frozen fruit mix ever!). and actually, the fruit is on the bottom of the bowl. i usually add it to the bowl first, microwave it for 20 seconds to take the freeze out of it, and then pour the oats on top and mix it all up!

and my big red mug of coffee x2. (especially necessary yesterday after my night of insomnia – ugh.).


lunch was a random mix of things eaten at my desk in lab.

i had a leftover turkey burger with ketchup and horseradish (i feel like i need to write an ode to horseradish soon – i’ve been slightly obsessed with it lately!). also in my smorgasbord was a little cottage cheese, lots of veggies with garlic hummus (whipped up during my night of insomnia….at least i was productive!), and a big green apple that i ate later as a snack.

this lunch left me feeling 100% satisfied! love when that happens. too often when i pack a lunch, i’m left wishing i had more options or something else when it actually comes time to eat it, but not yesterday!


and dinner was totally for brad! he loves breakfast for dinner, so i chopped up lots of veggies for a veggie scramble.

and he made breakfast potatoes and cooked some turkey bacon.

all together, it was a delicious dinner! our veggie scramble was definitely more veggies than eggs (just how i like them), and the turkey bacon hit the spot.


now a little gratuitous capone action to get the morning started! he loves playing frisbee (really just chasing it between brad, liz, and i when we throw it around), but it always leaves him exhausted.

not happy to be disturbed…

have a great day!


do you like “tasting” lunches with lots of random things, or do you prefer one main entree?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to what i ate [one month before my wedding] wednesday

  1. i LOVE your coffee mug! i want one!!

  2. Ditto on the very cherry blend! It makes the best smoothies!

  3. Sweet Cheeks says:

    my lunches usually always include lots of random things. I don’t know why but I never just think to make a sandwich or something, LOL!

  4. I’m such a snacker, that sometimes my lunch is just a bunch of random snacks all put together, haha. But lately I’ve been having big salads, or a small salad with a big bowl of greek yogurt! It also depends on if I plan ahead and pack my lunch. Today I ate my chickpea taco leftovers 🙂 YUM!

  5. I always have double the veggies in scrambles too =) the eggs get dwarfed! lol

    Happy almost WEDDING!!! ahhhh!!!!

  6. We do a similar veggie scramble too, but we add in rice, so it’s like a fried rice meets veggie scramble, heavy on the veggies. So good!

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