willy street co-op adventure

on friday, liz and i headed to the willy street co-op in middleton, wi before our mom arrived!

the willy street co-op works like this: you can become an owner of the co-op by purchasing one of several ownership types. as an owner, you benefit from owner deals and other perks. however, you don’t have to be an owner to shop at the co-op. anyone can show there; they just have to pay an additional percentage above the regular prices as an overage. but honestly, it’s makes so much more sense to become an owner – my plan is $10 per year! totally worth it.

liz and i were like kids in a candy store, going around and looking at all of the super cool foodie items they have there! i had a blogger fail and didn’t photograph the bulk section – it’s the best one i’ve ever seen!! liz and i did pick out two delicious types of granola (for $2.49 per pound!): cherry vanilla and gingersnap. crazy delicious!

i also chose a box of erewhon cereal (for free!). i won a couple coupons from an attune giveaway that cynthia held a while ago and was excited to use one today!


i took all of the rest of our goodies outside for a food photos shoot!

we found an awesome bin of small cuts of cheese so we chose a bunch to sample.

  • chalet smoked baby swiss
  • widmer’s 4 year yellow cheddar
  • capri moo bear muenster
  • cedar grove jalapeno cheddar
  • sweet valley cream cheese

capone was pretty interested in the cheeses too! he’s a puppy after his mommy’s heart! 🙂


i also saw this crofter’s fruit spread!

i’ve seen crofter’s jams on so many other blogs, so i was excited to find it! i can’t wait to try it.


i also couldn’t resist this amande coconut yogurt.

something about it called to me and i had to snatch it up!


we also found two granola bars to try.

these perfect food bars looked great. i grabbed the peanut butter flavor to try first, but if i like it, i’ll go back to try the other ones! we also found this coop-made granola bar and chose the chocolate chip flavor!


and no trip to the coop is complete without kombucha.

so we stocked up! 2 gt’s and 2 nessalla (locally brewed) kombuchas. this is an expensive habit though….


as soon as we saw these sweet potato food should taste good chip, we knew we had to grab them too.

we dug into them on the car ride home! 🙂 but geez, for a big bag, there are not many chips in there…


and if you saw liz’s blog yesterday, you know we also got some pre-made pizza dough!

we made a pizza for my mom’s dinner at our apartment on friday night. it was sooooo good and the dough really hit the spot!


whew, what a good haul, right?!? all of those goodies were only $40! that works for me!

do you have an amazing natural foods store near your home?

what kind of food products can you not resist?

new chips, yogurts, and granola bars always call to me!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to willy street co-op adventure

  1. Wow, $10/year is a great plan. That’s good to know, as we’re currently trying to move back to Madison. I currently pay $25/year at Outpost Natural Foods.

    • Sarah says:

      I know! I was shocked at how awesome the price is!! it’s $10 for an individual membership, not a couple. but I’m the one who shops there anyway so it works

  2. gingersnap granola? yummmmm and those chips are the BEST! i’m giving some away on friday!!!

  3. I belong to the Wedge Coop in Minneapolis and even though I don’t do all my shopping there, it has definitely paid for its membership in the yearly checks alone! I love natural food stores. 🙂

  4. Chelsea says:

    Just that one :). I’ve still never been, though.

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