saturday sweetness

good afternoon, friends! i hope you’re all having a lovely sunday! i surely am. it’s a perfect follow-up to my great day yesterday! i honestly don’t know what could have made yesterday better. maybe if it was about 10* cooler, but that’s it!

the day started off with a bright and early alarm at 5:30am. i got up, got dressed, had my coffee, and ate breakfast! then mom, liz, brad, & i piled into my car and drove to downtown madison for the farmers’ market!

it was awesome getting to the market by 7:30am. usually, i arrive around 9am, when the market is packed and crazy. but yesterday, we had plenty of room to mosey along and really check out all of the items for sale.

brad found a little breakfast treat right away.

he had a custard-filled chocolate donut and thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

but i was drawn to the cheese vendors…

i always buy cheese from this guy. the morel mushroom cheese is to die for!

and liz was pumped about these huge cucumbers…


we did get a lot of good stuff from the market though!

we got fresh ciabatta bread, a baggie of dog treats for capone, a marrow bone for capone, a raspberry turnover for brad, some beef sticks, chilli vinegarette, spicy pepper seasoning…

these summer squash were 3 for $1!! so of course i got 6 squash – two of each kind!

we also got a bag of door county sweet cherries! (yeah, the bag is almost empty now…).

this is way more non-produce items than i usually buy when i go to the farmers’ market, but i have a ton of fresh produce from the garden this week so brad and i were all about trying some things that we don’t usually get!


after the market, we walked back to my car, put our goodies in an insulated bag, and went back out to state street to start searching the maxwell street day offerings for good deals!

on the way brad found this shelby gt 500.

he loves mustangs!


back to maxwell street days…

i think our group did a pretty good job finding deals!

i got a pair of sunglasses for $8 (!) and brad found flasks to give to his groomsmen for a great price! awesome!

my mom also got a dress and a couple gifts for friends.


we made a pit stop at trader joe’s, hit up dotty’s for lunch, and then took my mom to see the garden that liz is working at this summer (my group goes there every friday, but my study was held there full-time in previous years).

we were all pretty tired after being out in the heat/humidity all day, but my mom left to go back to manitowoc. 😦

good thing i get to spend next weekend with her for my bridal shower/bachelorette party!


after mom left, brad and i got busy cleaning our apartment. we…

  • cleaned the kitchen, master bath, and guest bathroom floors
  • cleaned the kitchen counters
  • vacuumed
  • de-capone-haired the couches

i love getting cleaning done early in the weekend! it gives me the rest of the time to relax and make delicious snacks!

like this one: cottage cheese with fresh pineapple and cherries (seriously, those cherries have gone down so quickly!).

what snack do you eat up too quickly?

these cherries are the first time i’ve attacked a snack like this in a while! i guess it’s ok though – there are worse things to eat up than cherries!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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6 Responses to saturday sweetness

  1. Love Door County cherries! I need to find some soon!

    I tend to snack on chips way too quickly. I am not a big chip person, but my husband is making me one because he always eats them!

  2. love all the treats you bought puppy 🙂 i was eyeing the dog bones at our market as well!

  3. Priyanka says:

    Cherries can never last long in our house. The second one would be strawberries.

  4. I miss the Madison farmers’ market. Le sigh. That donut looks delicious!

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