getting nutty

good morning friends! how was your 4th of july weekend?? mine was awesome! on saturday, liz and i headed out to do foodie things. first stop was the dane county farmers’ market. honestly, i don’t think there is a better farmers’ market anywhere. the dane county market goes around madison’s capital square on saturday mornings. there are so many amazing vendors from fresh fruits and veggies (obviously), to cheese (so much cheese!), to local meats, baked goods, flowers, and arts/crafts!







after the market and browsing a couple shops on state street, we headed to trader joe’s, costco, and the coop to pick up other food items.

then we came home and made a mess in the kitchen.

you already heard about what liz made for her care package to keith. i whipped up a couple things of my own though.

first, i tackled yet another item on my 101 in 1001 list! 🙂 i made my own nut butter! woot! (i actually did the pretty much the first second i got my hands on my food processor, but i was too excited to document it!).

of course, as soon as i decided to make nut butter, i headed over to ashley‘s blog (she is pretty much my go-to girl for anything new i want to try to make!). i chose her vanilla cinnamon peanut butter this time. (doesn’t that name just make you want to drool?)

i followed her directions exactly to make a big batch of plain peanut butter.

and then i scooped out a little of that and made the flavored vanilla cinnamon pb (i didn’t have vanilla beans, so i just used extract).

i had to use extreme restraint not to eat all of this with a spoon…


i also used the food processor to make some hummus! i made two varieties.

first was sun-dried tomato hummus.

and second, i used this costco find….

to make heather’s garlic olive hummus.

i think the olive one is my favorite even though it’s a bit runnier than i usually like my hummus. the flavor is great though! 🙂


and finally, i made a little treat for myself.

averie’s raw cookie dough balls!

these were so easy to make and the flavor is spot on! i can’t believe they’re raw & vegan.


i’ll be back later today or tomorrow with a recap of the rest of our holiday weekend!

how was your fourth of july?

did you cook up anything fun?

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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7 Responses to getting nutty

  1. Heather says:

    i am HONORED to be mentioned in the same post as the DCFM. Oh how I miss it so!! savor each moment you visit for me, won’t you!?

  2. Ahh I love Farmer’s Markets and yours looks very plentiful and delicious!

    We didn’t do much cooking this weekend since we were visiting family most of the time but we did have some great food 🙂 Happy Fourth!

  3. I just love farmers’ markets – so fun!
    I need to try making my own nut butter. Whenever I see it on blogs, it looks so darn delicious!

  4. looks like you’ve been a busy girl! that nut butter sounds delicious

  5. Chelsea says:

    We always take out of town guests to the farmer’s market. It’s a huge highlight. No exciting cooking projects for me, but Daniel and I did watch the Rhythm and Booms fireworks from Observatory Hill. Next Madison summer stop is Concerts on the Square tomorrow night!

  6. Dorry says:

    homemade nut butter is the best! And those raw cookie dough balls look so delicious. our weekend was relaxing and festive. I felt rejuvenated to start the new week this morning!

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