one photo

i think i wore out my camera this weekend at the weddings because i only took one photo all day yesterday! shameful for a blogger, right?!?

i’m ok with it though, because it was a good one.

last night brad made me breakfast for dinner! 🙂 we cooked some turkey bacon, he made breakfast potatoes, and an omelette. this omelette was absolutely delicious! it had green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, tomato, spinach, ham, and was topped with a little shredded cheddar!

great dinner, love! ♥


so, yesterday i showed you photos from kelly & pete’s wedding, but we also went to eric & kristen’s wedding this weekend.

i actually didn’t get any pictures of the couple. this was a pretty nontraditional wedding and plus, i don’t know kristen at all, so it felt weird taking pictures of her, even though she’s the bride!

so, here’s their awesome decor.


*my friend eric’s mom made these cupcakes!





*kristen and her mom did all of the wedding decorations – i think it was so creative and pretty! they used dry split peas and rice in the vases to hold the flowers.

the wedding was at a farm in a converted barn, and they had outdoor games set up for guests to play while they were off taking photos.

but brad liz and i had another idea…

capone was in the car (which we left running with the ac on – don’t worry!).

so we took him out during this break and sat in the shade, listened to some jack johnson on my iphone, and tried to relax a bit for the first time all weekend. it was nice! 🙂

dinner was vegetarian and they had about 6 different kinds of salads, lots of melon, and sandwiches (ham, turkey, and veg options for these).

it was pretty good wedding food! 🙂

oh, and the wedding cake….. i inhaled it so fast that it went unphotographed, but they had 4 different kinds

  • almond joy (chocolate + coconut)
  • champagne cake with raspberry frosting
  • banana cake with butter cream frosting
  • and one more that i can’t think of now! 😦

i could tell kristen put a lot of thought into planning this wedding & i thought she did a good job!


whew, i’ve got to say though, as fun as the weddings were, i am so happy to be back home and into my normal life again!

i know it’s already tuesday, but does anyone else feel like they’re still recovering from the weekend?

i do for sure!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to one photo

  1. That sounds like a beautiful wedding! I love the decor and the vegetarian food:)

    • Sarah says:

      the decor was awesome! i know a lot of the guys were pretty bummed about the vegetarian food, but they mostly cleaned their plates, so it couldn’t have been THAT bad!

  2. That sounds like a very nice wedding! I love the decor pictures and the ones of you guys hanging out outside with Capone 🙂

    I am already ready for next weekend which is bad since it’s only Tuesday!

  3. YES!!!! Definitely still recovering from the weekend! already ready for the long weekend to come!!!

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