apartment update

ok, it’s finally time to update you guys on our apartment progress! it’s been so long since i posted the before photos and layout of our apartment before we moved in, moving day, and then progress after i got settled.

now brad’s all moved in and some rooms have changed quite a bit, and some not so much! so here we go….

first, the entryway!

that’s where capones gigantic water jug and food dish sit. and there’s also a little rug to put our shoes on when we come in the door.


across from the front door is the laundry closet.

this is pretty much the same. washer/dryer, recycling, (brad’s grandma’s ancient) vacuum cleaner, a bag for plastic shopping bags (aka: capone’s poo bags), a bag for rags, and a bag for random laundry garbage.


next to the laundry closet is our coat closet.

on the floor is our enormous soda stash and the bin of capone’s food. tools and a bin of capone’s treats/brush/nail clippers/etc. are on top.


the guest bath.

this is pretty much the same. we registered for a bunch of bathroom stuff, so this room will be more complete soon. i spent lots of time this weekend emptying the cabinets so liz & keith have plenty of room for their stuff.


guest bedroom.

this room looks a lot different from when i moved in!

that’s brad’s bed, brad’s desk/computer, all of brad’s chiro books on the bookshelf…

and a very empty closet (with brad’s filing cabinet). capone says, “hi”!


now the kitchen!

not much has changed here….


and our dining area – lots has changed here!

we’ve added a couple pieces of furniture in the past month. first, this lovely buffet – the replacement door arrived last week!

all of our overflow dishes will go in here. i also love that is has a wine rack. i wasted no time stocking up on some ($4) wine to fill it!

and we also bought these bar stools.

now we don’t have a naked breakfast bar anymore! i love how well the stools, the table, and the buffet match. hopefully we’ll eventually have a space with a bit bigger dining area so it won’t be so smushed together.


our bedroom hasn’t changed much at all besides brad taking over most of the drawers in the dresser!

and the master bath is the same too…. but the closet got a little rearranging!

we moved the cubes to be under my clothes since they’re shorter. you can see that we really filled up that closet!


the living room got one big upgrade….

brad’s tv is here now! i’ve got to say, i lived without a tv for almost 3 years, and it is great to have one back! i’ve been pretty good about not wasting too much time each day watching stupid shows, but it’s nice to just veg for a bit every now and then.


and our porch. it’s so sad right now.

porch furniture and grill are high on our list. also, we’re making a trip to the farmers’ market this afternoon to get some basil and other herbs to put in pots on the porch. at least it’ll be spruced up a bit!

i do love these lilac bushes right off of the porch though.


so there you go! luckily, brad and i pretty much had enough stuff to fill our apartment without either of us having to get rid of anything! 🙂

hope you enjoyed our apartment update!

do you like decorating?

there’s still so much i want to do (curtains, art for the walls, etc.), but it’s so expensive! i have a hard time spending money on decor…


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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to apartment update

  1. I just love your apartment – especially your kitchen! It’s huge – especially compared to my tiny California one! 🙂

  2. LOVE your kitchen! and the buffet and dining room furniture are awesome!!! =) are you on pinterest yet? it is so helpful for decorating!!! ❤ i'm using it for the new place!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. KT says:

    Very nice! The kitchen and porch are my favorite features especially now that summer is here 🙂 I agree with Jenn, pinterest is very helpful for decorating!

  4. looks great!!! i love all the furniture! and the lilacs 🙂

  5. Chelsea says:

    What a great apartment!!!! I’m a bit jealous :). What part of town do you guys live in?

  6. Briana says:

    Everything looks great! It looks so put-together, good for you. And how nice of you to let him take over the dresser 😉

  7. Great apartment tour! I love getting to ‘peak’ into blogger’s lives. I am not much of a decorator, but I’m working on it.

  8. I love decorating! You’ve done a great job so far-it looks so home-y!

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