capital tap haus – post-work treat!

i survived my study measurement visit this morning! oh, and so did brad. i keep forgetting to mention that my amazing fiance has been waking up early on saturdays and working with me. his degree is in health promotion so he knows how to do fitness testing – so he gets that job!

i know i am very happy that he gets up early and helps me, but i know someone who isn’t so happy.

please don’t leave me!

poor puppy….


as a reward/thank you to brad for helping me today, we headed to capital tap haus on state street for lunch after we finished!

it was awesome being on state street today. we were a little late for the farmers market (so so sad), but there were still a lot of people wandering around. there was also a classic car show going on all up and down state street, so we checked the cars out a little looking for any mustangs.

*side note: brad is slightly obsessed with ford mustangs. his dad has 4 of them and two of his uncles have a couple. i guess they’re a mustang family! remind me to tell you about the story from my high school graduation party when brad took me for a ride in his dad’s mach 1 mustang.

ok, moving on…

i started with some water and brad got a capital blonde doppelboc.

i stole a couple sips of his beer too! 😉

we were sitting outside and while we were waiting for our food, i spied my cousin who also goes to school at uw walking on the street with her boyfriend! that was such a fun coincidence – i don’t get to see her enough.

the it was time for food! i ordered the harvester sandwich.

from the menu: “a mound of grilled vegetables and roasted portabella mushrooms tossed in balsamic and olive oil and layered on grilled tuscan bread

even without cheese, i loved this! the veggies were delicious and plentiful. also, the bread was to die for.

brad ordered the friday fish fry every day. he chose walleye over haddock and got frites on the side.

we both also really really liked it!

so, overall, what did we think about capital tap haus?

food: all delicious! the fish and my vegetable sandwich were so flavorful. we only tried two main dishes, but we both had a hard time choosing because everything sounded so good!

beer: i love that they have a great selection of capital brewery beers. you can’t go wrong with them!

price: very reasonable and totally worth it. everything was priced as we would expect!

overall: we loved capital tap haus.  i highly recommend it and we will definitely be back!

Capital Tap Haus on Urbanspoon


tonight we’re heading to some friends’ house for a cook out. i still have to figure out what to bring….eek!

what is your go-to dish to bring to a potluck or a cook out?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to capital tap haus – post-work treat!

  1. Holly says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE capital tap haus! but seriously, next time get the reuben egg rolls. they WILL change your life!!

  2. Oh my goodness that veggie sandwich looks out of this world! Literally better than any I have ever eaten! My favorite things to bring to a cookout is something I can actually eat-since I’m a vegetarian- so it is usually some sort of salad. I recently made this southwestern quinoa salad for a baby shower and loved it! I also love bringing dessert of course!

  3. marcytootimid says:

    That lunch looks really great. I like to bring a big pot of chili to a cook out.

  4. Chelsea says:

    We went down the the farmer’s market and had lunch on State St. yesterday, too! I’m having a hard time picturing where the Capital Tap Haus is, but I would totally get exactly what you ordered if I ate there. I loooove warm veggie sandwiches. A lot of times I will bring beverages or a veggie tray to a potluck because everyone likes to have them but they aren’t as “impressive” as a homemade dish. Or, if I’m doing desert, I’ll make brownies and melt peppermint patties on the top.

  5. Glad to hear the Capital Tap Haus is good! I’ve been wanting to try it. I love their beers!

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