what i ate wednesday: dinner and drinks edition

woop woop! it’s already wednesday. who else loves that about short weeks?!? yesterday was like monday and today is already wednesday. what’s not to like about that?

as has become standard over here at sarah learns, this week i’m linking up with jenn’s what i ate wednesday party!

this week i’m playing catch-up and showing you my recent un-blogged eats! there’s not a lot, sadly. 😦 i’ve been slacking on photographing my meals. oh well. here’s what i’ve got!


on monday night, brad and i finally got around to making a recipe i’ve had printed out to make for weeks: jenna’s mom’s chicken and green chilies enchiladas.

they were so incredibly easy with minimal prep! i always like that.

oh yeah, and they tasted awesome! i had one for dinner on monday and brad had two. i’ve had them twice for lunches and brad finished them off today. i love it when a meal has lunch leftovers!


last night brad and i threw together this dinner.

salmon baked with lemon pepper and olive oil, a little slice of beer bread, and we made ashley’s asparagus fries again! this time we stuck closer to her original recipe and used ground millet instead of breadcrumbs because i was out of breadcrumbs. i really liked the millet, but brad didn’t care for it.  good to know.


now for drinks – i stopped at starbucks today for a treat!

a tall skinny hazelnut latte! it’s been a while since i’ve had starbucks. brad and i are trying to budget, so i’m cutting down on my coffee out!


and right now i’m sipping on this tasty drink.

it’s a pom-tini. 🙂 or a pom spritzer? it has pom, vodka, and sprite zero. i guess it’s not a martini because of the sprite? i’m not good with drinks. i just mix stuff together until it tastes good!


i hope you’re all having a great day! if not, here’s a cute capone photo to brighten it up!

i think it’s so funny when he sits like that. silly puppy.


what’s your favorite drink?

i have a hard time choosing! sometimes i want a nice cold beer, sometimes red wine, and sometimes a refreshing drink like tonight’s hits the spot! 🙂

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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15 Responses to what i ate wednesday: dinner and drinks edition

  1. You’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll save by not hitting up the ‘bucks all the time. It’s such an easy way to cut spending!

    I’m with you on these short weeks…I wish we had three day weekends every week!

    • Sarah says:

      i’ve been cutting back on it since brad graduated and it’s really helped! now i just spend my money on other things though….!

  2. Ohh dinner and rinks look yummy! I’m not great with alcohol. I’ve never had more than 1 drink at a time and the one usually leaves me feeling “slow” I always prefer fruity drinks that don’t actually taste like alcohol! I had a pom margarita the other night when I was out and it was great!

  3. I had Starbucks as a little treat today, too! I haven’t had their flavored drinks yet, but I do love Au Bon Pain’s hazelnut coffee. Yumm!

    • Sarah says:

      i’ve never had coffee from au bon pain. i’ve started making my coffee at home most days and i’ve been on a hazelnut kick!

  4. In the summer I love an ice cold Summer Shandy! So refreshing!

  5. so jealous of your cocktail! sounds delicious. and one of my dogs sits that same funny way!!

    • Sarah says:

      haha, really?!? he cracks me up when he does it. it’s like he sits on his tailbone, not his butt. then his legs are all crooked. what a silly dog.

  6. I’ve made those enchiladas before too. Aren’t they great!? My husband attacked them too!

  7. fav drink = trilogy kombucha! =)

    Happy WIAW to you brad and capone!!!!! ❤

  8. Karen says:

    your enchiladas are way easier to make than mine, I will try yours and I hope to be able to toss my recipe!

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