things i’ve learned from living with a boy

i hope you guys all have an awesome long weekend! i certainly did. 🙂 i’ll give more of an update tomorrow, but i wanted to write this post that i’ve been thinking about for a while.


things i’ve learned since living with a boy

1. when he makes the bed, it does not have to be made exactly the way i like it.

just be happy he made it at all!

and didn’t just leave it a crazy mess.


2. some boys have a lot of clothes.

i’m actually surprised at this one. brad and i have completely equal closet space. i get the left side & he gets the side straight ahead.

but, the dresser is another story. we have 6 equally-sized drawers. guess who gets 4 and who gets 2? don’t ask me how that boy has 4 overflowing drawers! not fair.


3. it’s ok to have alone time.

when i’m home, brad is usually home at the same time – at least for now, until he can get his license. that means that i really never get the apartment to myself. that doesn’t mean that i can’t have alone time though.

brad is perfectly happy if i ask him to go on his computer or take the dog out for a bit. or i can do those things for a little bit of a break.


4. he will not notice little things like i do.

dog hair on the floor/table/couch/bed? yeah, unless it’s an inch thick, he probably won’t notice (or he has an amazing ability to ignore things like that).

papers/files on the counter/table/desk?

don’t faze him.


5. but he will help with those things if i ask!

no need to get mad and stew over cleaning everything all the time. if i ask him to vaccuum or recycle and file some papers, he will! 🙂

i’m glad i just started asking. i can see how frustrating it would get if you didn’t ask and just expected them to clean when things get messy.


6. if i don’t like how he folds my clothes (or the towels), just do it myself!

we had some pretty funny conversations about this one so far. but i’ve pretty much just come to the conclusion that i should fold my own clothes if i’m going to be picky about them all being the way i like them.


7. boys drink directly out of the bottle of soda.

and the milk carton.


8. always say thank you!

i always try to do this with everyone, but a thank you goes a long way. anytime brad empties the dishwasher or puts clothes away (whether i asked him to or not) i say thank you and make sure he knows i appreciate that he did it!


9. and finally, the most important thing:

be thankful for your time together!

i sat down the other day and thought about how much our lives have changed in the past month since brad graduated and we moved in together.

the verdict? it is amazing to live with brad. and it’s about a million times better than living 6 hours apart! it’s still hard to believe that we’re done with long distance, but i know i won’t take it for granted that i get to see him every morning & night!


if you live with a significant other, what was the hardest adjustment to make when you moved in?

or, what is something you would dread about living with a guy?


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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13 Responses to things i’ve learned from living with a boy

  1. Lisa says:

    Those are great great tips! I think you have to decide not to stress about things (like him not making the bed the way you like it–i mean, hey, he made it and it looked pretty nice!).

  2. I bet living with a boy is a huge adjustment but it looks like you’re figuring it out! I think living with roommates can be tricky too but if its your significant other, that can be even harder! The thank you rule is great 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      i don’t know – i think living with girls was worse for me! but i did live with 7 other girls at a time. i can’t imagine how living in a sorority house would have been! eek.

  3. brett always drinks straight out of the milk carton!!!! drives me crzy!

  4. Ew about drinking out of the milk carton. No no! But yeah, those things sound familiar!!!

    • Sarah says:

      i have to confess, today i actually handed him the almost-empty carton of milk and asked him to drink it because otherwise we didn’t have room in the fridge for the new gallon. 🙂 but it’s still gross!!

  5. KT says:

    These lessons definitely sound familiar. One I would add is that it is a lot more fun to cook when you have someone to share the food (and prep and cleanup) with 🙂

  6. Haha, LOVE this! We must live with the same boy! When we first got married, I would do the laundry and fold his clothes for him… just for it to sit in a pile on the floor for at least a week. Now, I throw his clothes into a pile and let him put it away! Ha! And funny thing about making the bed… when he actually makes the bed, it’s far from how I make it! However, the one thing I am looking forward to this summer is the fact that he’ll actually be out of the bed when I want to make it! But, I don’t regret a thing about being married to him! I LOVE it and will deal with those little things, because that’s just what they are, little things!

  7. The hardest adjustment for me was learning to vocalize that I needed alone time.

    ps. – that doesn’t work well with a newborn. they don’t listen at all. 🙂

  8. Chelsea says:

    You are wise figuring out these things now. It took me a long time to get the whole, “Just because he doesn’t notice a mess doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Ask for help. Don’t get angry.” thing. And you’re right, a thank you does goes a long way toward encouraging good behavior.

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