three things for thursday

1. some of you were pretty close, but no one guessed what our newest furniture project is…. a buffet!

we knew we’d need a buffet pretty much immediately on moving day – our dishes barely fit – where are we supposed to put all of the fiestaware and quesadilla makers/food processor/kitchenaid mixer/etc. that we’ll get as wedding gifts?! yeah, extra storage was necessary. 🙂

sadly, one of the doors was damaged in shipping, so it’s completely assembled minus that door. i don’t want to show it until it’s ready, so you’ll have to wait 4-9 days until we get that dang door!


2. i am beyond excited for memorial day weekend. seriously, i am fully intending to take advantage of 3 days without work (minus a study baseline measurement visit i have to do saturday morning).

potential activities on our schedule for the weekend (if it doesn’t storm/rain all weekend like the forecast is predicting).

obviously, all of these plans kind of require good weather….. i’m crossing my fingers!


3. our wedding invitations are “out for delivery” right now! ahhhhh. i’m so excited to see how they turned out & start addressing them!

i guess if it’s crappy weather we have a fallback activity, huh? sadly, addressing 150+ envelopes doesn’t sound as fun as all of our other options.


tell me three things on your mind today.

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to three things for thursday

  1. 1. I really love watermelon.
    2. I also really love pumpkin cookie dough.
    3. It’s the end of the school year and I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life once it’s over and I no longer have a job for next year.

  2. KT says:

    I can’t wait to see the buffet once it’s all put together!

    1.) I really need to buy a new bathing suit before we go boating this weekend.
    2.) I’m excited for lunch with my best friend tomorrow.
    3.) I wish I could teleport to Omaha tonight instead of driving the 7 hours after work 🙂

  3. They look so cute!

    lets see…

    1. i just bought a new desk from ikea.

    2. i looooove vanilla wafers. ive been eating quite a few today.

    3. im riding bikes with my mom today! can’t wait!

  4. Kelly says:

    Your weekend sounds very fun!!

    My three things:
    1) I need to do laundry so I have clothing to bring on vacation
    2) I need to pack for vacation – but #1 needs to get done before this happens
    3) I really need to stop thinking about vacation and start doing the things that need to get done BEFORE vacation!

  5. Chelsea says:

    1. I agree that Samba is not that great.
    2. I’m skipping out on Bratfest this year.
    3. I still have not been to Devil’s Lake – need to get on that one!

  6. 3 day weekend YES PLEASE. have fun at BratFest.. I will be there wearing a t-shirt that reads “SCOTT WALKER RUINED BRATFEST”. Look for me!

  7. I hope the weekend turns out nice for you! Three things on my mind right now are
    1. It’s very cold in Michigan compared to Florida…
    2. I’m starving…it’s time for pancakes!
    3. How am I going to wear a strapless dress this evening for my brother’s graduation when I’ll be freezing and full of pancakes!

  8. there’s a disc golf course right by where i park at school and i always want to try it!

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