what i ate wednesday

with all of the amazing meals i told you about on monday, i’m surprised i have anything left for you today, but oh boy i do! 🙂

i’m extra pumped about this week’s wiaw because it features a delicious recipe from miss jenn herself!

so let’s get to it! 🙂


sorry guys, nothing new here… oats!

this time topped with delicious fresh strawberries! they are chocolate oats thanks to chocolate almond milk instead of regular. i was feeling fancy i guess! 😉 there’s also a little chocolate goodness granola thrown on there for good measure.



brad and i had brats for dinner one night last weekend, and there are a couple still leftover. so i used my normal method of eating up leftover burgers/brats/etc….brat salad!

this was a salad beast with spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, hard boiled eggie, cottage cheese, and a cut up brat. i had jealous looks from my office mates while i was eating it!

with a side of pickled beets + goat cheese <– amazing combo if you haven’t tried it yet!



and now here’s the exciting part! as soon as jenn posted her recipe for crispy baked shrimp wontons, i knew i’d be making them soon!

i followed her recipe almost exactly except i wanted them to be like crab rangoons (which are my and brad’s favorite treat to get for take-out!), so i used imitation crab meat instead of shrimp.

i also used a lot more green onion and garlic than she suggested – 4 full green onions chopped and probably 3 or 4 cloves worth of minced garlic.

brad helped me assemble the wontons.

and then we baked them for about 15 minutes – we like them crispy!


our veggie side dish was pretty epic too. asparagus fries – ashley (edible perspective) style! i cut asparagus from my friend’s house again last night and got about 5 pounds, so we needed to get to work on eating it right away!

i followed ashley’s recipe pretty closely, but made the following modifications: i used breadcrumbs instead of ground millet bc i didn’t have millet and had lots of breadcrumbs! i also didn’t use rosemary or thyme because i don’t have any…  and i just used two whole eggs to dip the asparagus in because i didn’t feel like de-yolking just one.

and you know what? these were pretty amazing!

brad and i each probably ate a pound of asparagus (and we have the stinky pee to prove it! what? tmi? sorry….).

we were pretty silent during this meal, which definitely means it was a keeper!


biggest loser spoiler alert

on a completely separate topic, did anyone watch the biggest loser last night?! i am so so excited that olivia won! i’ve been a purple-team fan since the beginning and i was hoping it’d be her or hannah! plus, wow – they both looked totally hot last night.


apartment project sneak peek

we’ve been working on finishing up our apartment lately – we got a couple furniture pieces that we’ve been contemplating since we signed our lease, and now i just have to do a little cleaning before i show you the finished product!

in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the project we worked on last night.

capone was not a fan of us spending our night assembling furniture instead of playing with him. poor puppy….


did you watch the biggest loser this season?

any guesses on what our latest furniture piece is?

About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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10 Responses to what i ate wednesday

  1. KT says:

    I want to eat all of your food 🙂 That salad and asparagus look especially tasty!

    Is your latest purchase a dining room table?!

  2. Hahaha was your pee pink, too, from the beets? [If you like bleu or Gorgonzola cheese, I recommend you try that with the beets as well!]

    And brat salad? Sounds like my kind of meal!

    • Sarah says:

      lol, nope, happy to report that the pee was normal colored! 🙂

      i do LOVE blue cheese (not a huge fan or gorg. though). i’ll definitely try that with the beets next!

  3. so jeal of your FRESH asparagus! I have some soggy schtuff in my fridge right now =) haha!

    So did the imitation crab work well? I’m a sucker for details and want to know mooooore! ❤ + I'm totally a fan of upping green onion and garlic in recipes =) love both of them.. even my cat does. which is why she ate them all out of my garden. haha brat!

    Poor capone! ❤ he's got the pouty face down pact! can't wait to see what you're building! =)

    • Sarah says:

      oh no, i should have said – yes, the imitation crab was great!!! they tasted just like crab rangoons minus the grease! 🙂

      and yeah, capone certainly is good at pouting. he’s such a spoiled puppy! lol. i guess that’s our own fault though….

  4. i’m thinking a book shelf? both the wontons and the asparagus look great!

  5. Sonia says:

    I didn’t watch biggest loser this season!
    Is that an IKEA bookshelf?! or dresser…

  6. I loooove asparagus, even though it makes my pee stinky 😉 Haha

    I haven’t watched the biggest loser for awhile, but it always inspires me when I do!

  7. Those wontons/ragoons look yummy!

    Aww, poor Capone. Oreo looks like that when we get busy with a project and don’t give him enough attention. But we always make up for it with extra attention later! 🙂

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