apartment therapy

hey guys! well, we all made it safely down to st. louis! 🙂 i’m so happy to be here! we’re checked into the hotel and are just about to head down for happy hour (each guest gets 3 free drinks per night!) and then we’re meeting my uncle, aunt, and cousins for dinner! they have to miss brad’s graduation festivities because they’re leaving tomorrow morning to go to nebraska to spend easter with my aunt’s family.


i’ve been meaning to share this post for the past couple days, but it kept getting pushed aside. since all i did today was hang out in the car, i figured now is the perfect time for it!


for my college graduation present, my sister gave me a bunch of black frames with black & white photos in them. it was just to get me started so my walls weren’t completely bare in my apartment. the collection has grown since then, and i knew i still wanted to keep the frames for our new apartment! all 3 times that i’ve had to hang these guys, i’ve laid them out on the floor in the pattern that i want to hang them.

the blank canvas:

then i just choose a middle frame and put it in the center of where i want them to hang. and keep adding them from the pattern on the floor around that first frame. i ended up changing things a bit as i was hanging them – things look different on the wall than they do on the floor! this is what the end result is!

i really like it! i think brad and i will eventually add more frames along the edges and we’ll replace some of the photos in the current frames to include more of his family – i’m sort of dominating them right now! oh, and we need to get a level up in here and straighten them out! i can’t seem to make them all look even by just eyeballing it!

if i weren’t so lazy, i would have used young house love’s method of hanging patterns from newspaper on the walls first to see exactly how the frames would fit. but i’m too lazy for that…. i just winged it!


also, moving day was rough on me. it seems every day for 3 days after, i found a new bruise on my legs!

there are even more than those three, but i figured you didn’t want to see the grapefruit-sized bruise on my left butt cheek (from my car door blowing shut on it), do you?


anyway…enough talk about bruises and butts. i’m off to have some free drinks & then dinner with the fam! tomorrow morning is brad’s award ceremony – he’s graduating with honors! such a smarty pants…


tell me, when it comes to house projects, do you take your time and do things right, young house love style, or do you wing it like me?

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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8 Responses to apartment therapy

  1. Oooh love your picture collage, girl! What a great job you did. 🙂

    My legs are all covered in bruises too. Between me being incredibly clumsy and a dog that likes to rough house… well yeah, my legs get pretty beat up, haha!

  2. Nebraska?! You’re making me homesick! Where does your aunt live?!

  3. Dorry says:

    I love St . Louis! I’ve only been once, but thought it was a great place. Have fun tonight with your family!

    I love the picture figuration about the couch. It’s perfect. And I find bruises on myself – mainly legs – all the time. It’s ridiculous.

  4. adorable frame collage! love it!

  5. I wing it and change it a million times! ❤ moving always bruises me too – poor baby!

  6. Love the photo collage on the wall! When I get my own place, I want to do that!

  7. The frames look awesome!
    I take my time with home decor…as in…when I move somewhere, it is usually not decorated until I’m almost ready to move out 😦

  8. I wing nearly everything 🙂

    Love the wall design! I will do that in our apartment soon, because we have so much empty space in our living room.

    Great job!

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