a very un-zen day

good morning friends! i’ve got to say, i can already tell today is going to be better than yesterday! but i guess it really won’t take much to accomplish that.

oh, you want to know why yesterday was so bad?

honestly, it was just an accumulation of several things that stressed me out, and then a very very bad way of coping with those incidents.



first, breakfast. breakfast wasn’t BAD by any means, but it wasn’t a great way to start a day. brad doesn’t have much food in his fridge right now, so we ended up eating our leftovers from q’doba for breakfast.

i had about 1/3 of my meal left, so it was plenty of food, but not my normal nutrient-dense meal of oats, fruit, and not butter that it usually is. all in all, though, it was not so bad.



here’s where things really start to go downhill. we had to be out to brad’s clinic by noon so he could see his first patient. we left in plenty of time to make it, but then we hit this:

and this:

now, i’ve spent a lot of time in the past 7 years in st. louis – so their normal traffic really doesn’t bother me at all. this, however, was like nothing i’ve ever seen before.

an oil tanker had exploded on one of the main highways (i-70), so a huge stretch of the highway was closed down for clean-up. it just happened to be that the explosion happened about 10 minutes before we needed to get on that highway. enough time for the police to block off the roads, but not enough time for us to hear any type of announcement or warning to avoid the area. so we spent about 1.25 hours to go approximately .25 miles to be re-routed from the highway. then, it took us about another hour to detour ourselves to brad’s clinic. it was awful. we saw a couple fender-benders along the way from ppl accidentally bumping each other in the .25 mph inching along. some people were getting out of their cars to stretch.

needless to say, he missed his patient, and i was stressed out. i’m not sure what it was about this situation that made me react so badly, but i got very frustrated and annoyed with the situation and it really affected my attitude.



i dropped brad off at clinic and headed to starbucks to decompress a bit with a venti skinny hazelnut latte.

i thought i felt better by the time i headed back to pick brad up. i’d found deals for two promising restaurants on restaurant.com and we had plans to go try one for dinner.

well, due to several things and even more traffic and stressing out (even some crying) we ended up not going for dinner to either place. instead, i told brad we should just go to houlihan’s because they have a super cheap happy hour and i felt a need for a couple drinks.



we did have a couple drinks! actually, 3 each to be exact.

the long island iced teas at houli’s are pretty tasty, and i was drinking them like water! we also took advantage of the happy hour appetizer pricing to get “linner” (it was about 5pm by this time and i hadn’t eaten anything but leftover q’doba all day).

our eyes were a little lot bigger than our stomachs when we ordered though…

we got nachos

chicken tenders

and spinach dip!

[yeah, not a great wedding-weight loss day]

t did it’s job though. by the time we left i no longer felt the need to strangle or punch people.

one good thing? the bill for 6 long islands and those 3 appetizers was only $35. not bad…

we spent the rest of the night watching tv though. again, not a great way to deal with my stress. i just went to be early so that stupid day would just end.


whew, and now my complain-fest is over! sorry guys, but thanks for “listening”. 🙂

i am putting all of my efforts into making sure today is a good day! i already meditated this morning, oats are on the breakfast menu, i’m getting an adjustment, i have plans to walk/run with capone this afternoon, i have thursday night’s greys & private practice waiting for me on the dvr, and most importantly – i’ve given myself an attitude adjustment! yes, it’s definitely shaping up to be a better day! 🙂


do you ever have days where everything just seems to go wrong?

how do you cope?

i do not think the methods i chose yesterday were very healthy. need to work on that!


About sarah

hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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11 Responses to a very un-zen day

  1. sorry you had such a bad day 😦 traffic frustrates me SO much because i HATE being late. it definitely puts a damper on my whole day. sounds like you’re gearing up for a GREAT day though!!! have a great walk with puppy 🙂 mine have been begging me for one all day.

  2. Priyanka says:

    I hope your today is much better! I am having some rough days more often these days, talking it out,is the best way to deal with it.

  3. Can I just say I am so hungry now after looking at your linner! 🙂 At least you had some cocktails to finish it off with!

  4. so sorry! Hope that today is going better! Starbucks usually helps me unwind a little, too (as does the later alcohol) : )

    • Sarah says:

      i was so surprised that my starbucks didn’t really seem to help my mood. that’s when i know it’s time to hit the harder stuff! 😉

  5. I just got super fat and happy just LOOKING at the houlihans eats. And I mean that in the best way possible! =) I wish we had a really yummy place to indulge in everyso often around here. It’s either really healthy eats or really gross looking bar-food-esque eats so far! Though i’m on the hunt for gourmet looking trash! bahahaha! =)

    A bad day means I really really need my husband — he can make me laugh and forget about the bad stuff and just enjoy what’s left of the day and get excited for the days ahead! =) so cheesy…. I know. when i’m all alone and have a bad day. wine and a bubble bath are mandatory! and blogging in the tub…. shhhhh! =)

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