anyone know a good plumber…?

….because i’m working on my pipes!

pipes challenge

haha, ok, that was my cheesy intro to the official day 1 of the pipes challenge! 🙂

i did my initial push-ups test last night. i’m starting out with the unimpressive ability to do 7 push-ups with good form. today i’ll do the plan for week 1 day 1 starting at rank 2.


the website for the 100 push-ups challenge has a program listed out for 3 days during each week. i plan to do day 1 on monday, day 2 on wednesday, and day 3 on friday. just to give those of you who aren’t doing the challenge a peek, here is the plan for day 1 of week 1:


as you can see, i will do 5 sets of differing numbers of push-ups with 60 seconds of rest between sets.

and as i mentioned on friday, i took some before photos. i would be so pumped if i saw some more definition in my arms by the end of the program. here i am on day 0:

and flexing…

before photo 1

definitely lots of room for improvement…!

i’m really excited about this challenge and i can’t wait to follow along with others who are doing it! i’ll also continue doing my normal exercise and hopefully get to add in some outdoor runs soon! 🙂


sorry i was mia

also, just wanted to give a quick apology for my sudden disappearance over the weekend. i wasn’t planning to take a blogging break, but things got very busy and i decided to just enjoy my weekend at home! i’ll re-cap more about that later this week!


30 day blogging challenge

obviously, my weekend blogging hiatus left me a little behind on the challenge. forgive me for tripling up today!

day 19

day 19’s prompt was to post a photo with a letter.

this is a photo of my friend d and i. d was on my freshman floor in college and we became really close immediately. we were roommates through the rest of college and are still really close. she’s going to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!


thank you for being such a great friend from day 1! you are a big part of the reason i decided to stick it out at school in st. louis and not transfer closer to home. thank goodness for that! if i hadn’t stayed in st. louis i would have missed out on so many amazing memories: wilds, our milbrook apartments, humphrey’s penny pitchers, morgan street, random trips to target, starbucks, gelato, that jewish deli that i can’t remember the name of, and so much more!

thanks for being my valentine on all of our single-girls valentine’s days during college. and thanks for being my date for semi-formals and alpha phi events when i didn’t have a “real” date.

i know i can count on you to listen and for support whenever i need it. i hope you know i’ll always be there for you too! i always look forward to our starbucks phone dates and catching up with you.

i am so happy that we’ve been able to stay so close even with you in nyc and me in madison. i love you so much & i can’t wait to see you in august for my wedding! 🙂




day 20

day 20’s topic was to post a photo of a place you’d like to travel. thankfully, i already addressed this topic in day 15 – something i want to do before i die. i told you guys that i want to travel to europe, and especially to spend time in paris, italy, and greece.

other places i want to travel to include germany, scotland, ireland, spain, and so many more!


day 21

and finally, today’s topic was to post a photo of something i wish i could forget. several things popped into my mind for this topic:

  • when i totaled my first car
  • when i was in a factory accident and my leg was caught in a conveyer belt, which resulted in me being on crutches and in a walking cast for half of the summer and in pt for half a year
  • my accident with my jeep

and since i knew exactly where to find a photo of one of those things, that’s what i chose.

during my junior year of college, i was driving back down to school in st. louis for our sorority recruitment week. i left early one morning and the overpasses were really icy. unfortunately, i lost control of my car as i was going over an overpass and slid across the center median and into the guardrail on the opposite side of the interstate.

the front driver side of my car was totally smashed. i had to get the car towed back home (thank goodness i was only about a half hour away from home), was a day late to sorority recruitment, and had to drive around with my car duck-taped together until spring break. 😦 ugh. but i was fine, so i’m thankful for that!


ok guys, thanks for bearing with me while i played catch-up! i hope you all have an amazing monday! i’ll be back with another post later today with my monday mini-goals and more catch-up!

so tell me, are you participating in the pipes challenge?

i’m so excited to participate. my sister AND brad are going to do it with me too!

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hi, i'm sarah. i'm a graduate student, dog lover, newlywed, blogger, aspiring baker/cook, and a veggie lover. :)
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5 Responses to anyone know a good plumber…?

  1. omg your factory accident sounds so scary!!! good luck with the pipes challenge. i want to go to greece too. let’s plan a trip!! 🙂 happy monday

  2. The BEST part about this challenge (besides GETTIN’ RIPPED) is 6 weeks worth of super cliche blog post titles yeahhhhhhh!

  3. I agree with Morgan! Looking forward to reading your updates 🙂

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